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TitelAustrian Studies
BeschreibungJelinek in the Arena:
Sport, Cultural Understanding and Translation to Page and Stage

Austrian Studies 22 (2014) — Call for Papers

Following the highly successful conference and English-language première of Sports Play (transl. Penny Black with Karen Jürs-Munby) at Lancaster University, 11-13 July 2012, Austrian Studies now aims to publish a volume of papers on the work of Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek under the guest editorship of Allyson Fiddler and Karen Juers-Munby. This will be the first issue of Austrian Studies to focus on a single author. The present call for papers is not only directed towards speakers at the Lancaster conference, although it is hoped that the conference delegates will submit their articles for consideration.
If the sporting Olympics, most recently in London 2012, are all about showcasing a diversity of disciplines, actively reaching out to the general public, and providing a stage to promote international cultural understanding, then the work of Elfriede Jelinek, Austria’s foremost contemporary writer and Nobel laureate, could be read as a model cultural Olympics all of its own. Jelinek’s intersections with a multiplicity of different artistic forms are legend. Not only has the author penned novels, plays, poetry, screenplays, and essays, but she can also point to libretti, to numerous of her own translations of other writers, and to collaborations with a wide variety of artists, composers and intellectuals. Furthermore, her efforts to speak to both highly specialized audiences and to ordinary individuals provide us with a model for understanding how elite performances are valued by multiple audiences and evolve in collaboration with them. Bearing all this in mind, it is perhaps no surprise that sport and the mass public consumption of cultural events has been a recurrent point of criticism and a frequent theme within Jelinek’s work to date.
With the impetus of cultural understanding and public engagement afforded by the London 2012 Olympics and the Cultural Olympiad that accompanies them, the proposed issue of Austrian Studies aims to explore a number of issues relating to cultural impact and to a writer’s multiple publics through the compelling case study of Elfriede Jelinek. In so doing, we aim at continuing recent recent debates on Jelinek’s interdisciplinarity and intermediality (for instance by the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre in Vienna) and with regard to the question of Jelinek’s presence outside the German-language ‘arena’. The editors thus invite articles on questions such as those suggested below and wish to highlight three ‘spheres’ of interest in particular: (a) Jelinek’s engagement with the theme and discourse of sport in many of her works, as well as the utilisation of sport in the performances of her work; (b) performance and staging Jelinek as a mode of translating her written work onto the stage or into the community; (c) Jelinek in translation. Please note that we also welcome papers where Jelinek might be one of several authors/ playwrights/ cultural theorists considered.
• Sporting significance – how does Jelinek’s work engage with sport? Jelinek’s work shows a clear fascination for popular genres, and sport might be seen to be a primary example of this engagement. How does her treatment of sport reflect what she might have to say about the public as a mass phenomenon or about mass-media interactions with the public? How do questions of gender intersect with Jelinek’s reflections on sport and society?
• Performing Jelinek – how have theatre directors and companies staged Jelinek’s texts differently for different ‘arenas’? Are her texts ideal vehicles for ‘Regietheater’ (directors’ theatre)? How have her theatre essays both responded to and in turn influenced the production of her theatre texts?
• Translating Jelinek – into English or into other languages. What are the pitfalls and the ‘solutions’. Are there different issues when translating drama? What foreign or foreign-language productions of Jelinek have succeeded, either as productions or as attempts to distil and translate something of Jelinek’s performative power? What insights do other theatrical traditions bring to bear when contemplating and translating Jelinek?
• Cultural transfer – does Jelinek work better in French, say, than in English? Do her themes adapt better to a continental public? Do they come across in Belgium or Poland, in the U.S. or in Australia?
• Celebrating Jelinek – how has Jelinek’s reputation and cultural standing ‘translated’ beyond Austria and Germany? What is the state of play regarding foreign-language publications of her work? How is Jelinek’s work valued abroad and what are the processes involved in engendering this value?
For volume 22 of Austrian Studies (2014) we invite contributions on questions such as those mentioned above and on any other aspects relevant to the overall topic. Abstracts (250 word max.) of papers should be sent to Allyson Fiddler ( by 28 February 2013.

Articles are to be written in English and are all subject to anonymous peer review. The deadline for completed articles is 1 May 2013. Notes for contributors (‘Submission Guidelines’) can be found at Please adhere to the Modern Humanities Research Association's Style Guide (
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PersonName: Allyson Fiddler 
Funktion: Professor of German, Guest Editor Austrian Studies 22 (2014) 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Department of German, Lancaster University 
Strasse/Postfach: Bowland North 
Postleitzahl: LA 1 4 YT 
Stadt: Lancaster, United Kingdom 
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