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TitelThe Sword of Judith
BeschreibungCall for papers

The Sword of Judith: Multidisciplinary Conference in the Humanities at The New York Public Library

Proposals are invited for papers examining any aspect of the book or figure of Judith, for a multidisciplinary conference to be held at The New York Public Library, April 17-18, 2008. Contributions are welcome from scholars working in any field, including but not limited to Bible, ancient history and archaeology, classics and semitics, fine and performing art history, medieval and modern literature in all languages, and gender studies. Papers that address the Judith narrative in its larger contexts are particularly welcome. A private website and wiki technology will enable scholars to circulate their work-in-progress before and after the conference. Research grants are available and all travel expenses and accommodations will be paid for invited participants.

The conference is part of the Judith Project, an effort to loosen the grip of disciplinarity through collaborative scholarly practice. Organized around the biblical/apocryphal text and figure of Judith, the Judith Project will offer scholars the opportunity to pursue their own research agendas on Judith, as part of a year-long technology-enabled team effort. It will also leave, as an online legacy, a searchable corpus of digital images, accessible via the non-profit ARTstor library, and, as a central point of bibliographic reference, a comprehensive register, on The New York Public Library's website, of literature related to the Book of Judith and its iconography across the ages.

Up to thirty university- or operating foundation-administered grants are available from the Judith Project's sponsor, the Brine Family Charitable Trust, offering from $6,000 to $11,000 for research on the Judith theme. Submissions should include the scholar's CV and a proposal limited to a maximum of 1,500 words. Grant request submissions must include the administering institution's name and address, the name of the department/program chair or director, a detailed pro forma budget request, and the e-mail address of the institution's administrative contact. US institutions should supply federal tax identification number and nonprofit designation. Grant requests require the signature of the department chair/program director. Budget proposals can include up to 20 percent departmental allocation. Please direct all submissions to

November 30, 2007: Proposal submission deadline.
December 31, 2007: Papers selected and applicants notified by e-mail.
December 31, 2007: Launch of Sword of Judith participants' website.
January 15, 2008: Grants remitted for university- and foundation-administered grants.
March 21, 2008: Completed papers must be ready to be posted on the conference website.
April 17–18, 2008: "The Sword of Judith" conference at The New York Public Library.
August 31, 2008: All final entries for publication must be submitted by e-mail. On receipt of the publishable final paper, the remaining 30 percent of the research/production stipend remitted. Work submitted after August 31 will not be eligible for the final payment or publication.
Fall 2008/Winter 2009: Publication of "The Sword of Judith" conference volume.

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