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Ergebnisanzeige "Impact: German-Language Culture and its Reception"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelImpact: German-Language Culture and its Reception
BeschreibungIMPACT: German-Language Culture and its Reception

Celebrating 20 years of ‘Women in German Studies’

University of Liverpool
23-25 July 2008

WIGS open conference: all colleagues, all disciplines welcome

Culture exists within a context. Not only are literature, music, films and artwork produced and received within a social, political and historical framework; museums, galleries, academic institutions and media and marketing conglomerates also initiate a cultural discourse that is necessarily produced by and directed towards its contemporaries. Coinciding with Liverpool’s ‘European Capital of Culture’ 2008 as well as celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Women in German Studies, this conference asks how we may conceptualise the idea of ‘impact’, drawing on literary, historical, political, institutional, and theoretical approaches to German-language culture from the medieval period to the present day.

During the course of the conference we aim to formulate a conceptual framework as well as explore individual instances of cultural reception, and we welcome theoretical contributions as well as case studies. Contributors are invited to consider the mechanisms by which culture, in its widest sense, impacts upon the world, and are encouraged to explore the usefulness of recent theoretical models (such as Gérard Genette’s concept of the ‘paratext’ or Pierre Bourdieu’s Rules of Art) for analysing the way cultural output is coded towards its consumers and actually received by them. Proposals should address one or more of the following areas:

- The role of cultural institutions, from medieval times to the present day, in conditioning how artists are received and culture is produced (e.g. churches, universities, galleries, museums, archives; literary prizes and film awards)
- Aesthetic and practical artistic concerns about impact: how the actual or potential reception of artists affects production, through censorship, self-reflection, or cultural mediation
- Market considerations in the reception of art in German-speaking countries (e.g. art dealers, publishers, bookshops, theatres, cinemas, broadcasters)
- Issues of reception in translations and versions of German-language texts and films

Papers may address historical changes, the case of minority cultures, or issues of gender, class, ethnicity in any of these areas.

Proposals for papers suited to a 25 minute presentation as well as enquiries about any aspect of the conference should be addressed to either Dr Rebecca Braun ( or Dr Lyn Marven ( by 31 January 2008. Proposals should be not more than 250 words in length; overlap between sections is welcome. See for further information.

Dr Rebecca Braun
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow (German)
University of Liverpool
Liverpool, L69 7ZR

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