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Ergebnisanzeige "Language and the Scientific Imagination "
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TitelLanguage and the Scientific Imagination

Language and the Scientific Imagination

We have the pleasure of informing you about the forthcoming International Conference of ISSEI. It will be held in cooperation with the University of Helsinki, July 28 – August 2, 2008 on the theme:

Language and the Scientific Imagination

It is rare nowadays to see any fruitful dialogue between the Humanities and Science. In the first half of the twentieth century philosophers like Russell and Whitehead, following the Kantian tradition, were the main interlocutors in the debate about modern science. By the end of the twentieth century, under the influence of Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Wittgenstein, the dialogue of philosophy had switched from science to literature. This dialogue within the humanities eventually issued in Cultural Studies. What is needed is a new approach of the Humanities to Science and Technology. The “two cultures” depend on each other, for human beings give sense to their lives both by doing (Science) and by telling stories (Language).

The 11th International conference of ISSEI, to be held at the University of Helsinki in 2008, invites scholars from various disciplines such as History, Politics, Literature, Arts, Philosophy, and Religion to examine the European Identity and the multiplicity of narratives in the age of globalization.

The previous ISSEI conferences were held in 1988 – Amsterdam; 1990 – Leuven; 1992 – Aalborg; 1994 – Graz; 1996 – Utrecht; 1998 – Haifa; 2000 – Bergen; 2002 – Aberystwyth; 2004 – Pamplona; 2006 – Malta.

What one regular conference participant has to say about the ISSEI conferences:

ISSEI’s composition is an invitation to move beyond the limits you have set for yourself, the constraints you have imposed on your own thinking, breaking through to new levels of performance and ability.

ISSEI’s engaging in age-old questions brings new dimensions and casts new light on situations and events of Europe’s history and perspective. – Prof. Dr. Heinz-Uwe Haus, Dept. of Theatre, University of Delaware, USA.

If you would like to participate in the conference by presenting a paper in one or more of the workshops please note the following:

Length of Paper:

Papers should not exceed 3000 words or 10 double spaced pages, including Notes. Notes need not be included in the presentation of the papers but they should be in the version intended for the proceedings.


The deadline of submitting your abstract to a workshop is April 15, 2008.

To whom shall I submit my paper?

On the conference website, you will find a list of approximately 95 workshops with Chairs from over 30 countries. Papers should be submitted to the workshop Chair. If you are not sure for which Workshop(s) your paper(s) would be most suitable please send a short abstract of your paper to Prof. Ezra Talmor ( He will then suggest a workshop Chair for you to contact.

We look forward to seeing you in Helsinki in 2008.

Ezra Talmor, ISSEI, co-Chair
Marja Harmanmaa, University of Helsinki, co-Chair
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