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Ergebnisanzeige "Deadline Extension - 5th Annual OSU Graduate Student Conference"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelDeadline Extension - 5th Annual OSU Graduate Student Conference
BeschreibungDEADLINE EXTENSION: December 21st, 2012

Beyond Borders
Transnationalism & Transculturalism in the Arts

The Germanic Graduate Student Association of the Ohio State University
presents the fifth annual GGSA Graduate Student Conference

February 22-23, 2013

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Stephen Brockmann, Carnegie Mellon University
Plenary Speaker: Prof. Weijia Li, Western Illinois University

While new media have come to highlight certain aspects of transcultural communications, it is also apparent that migratory patterns and transcultural reception history have long been features of cultural interchange. The anthropological tendency to create “others” in distinction to one’s own identity has led to various attempts to engage in a power struggle for hegemonic cultural dominance. Yet simultaneously, migration patterns and cultural encounters of various kinds (trade, colonialism, reception history, war, new media, technological advances, ideas) have been present, in which different identities have come to collide, coalesce, infuse or transform each other.

The specific case of Germany exemplifies the ways in which, on the one hand, nationalism has fed more rigid notions of identity that resulted in violent attempts at hegemonic suppression of the “other”, yet has also come to embody examples of transcultural identity formation as a Central European hub of migration. The Cold War saw Germany become a case study of the paradoxical attempt to establish a unified, transnational vision (communism or capitalism) on the one hand, yet limiting transnational flows on the other hand. The fall of the Berlin Wall is indicative of the beginning of a shift in migratory movements in Europe. This period is often associated with emancipation, although with reunification new problems of Transnationalism / Transculturalism arose.

For this conference, we invite papers not merely reflecting upon the German case of Transnationalism/Transculturalism, but all those exploring notions of said phenomena. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

- Language interplay in the arts
- Migration in the arts
- Normativity in pluralist societies
- Borders – real and imaginary
- Interculturality, Transculturality, Hybridity
- Multilingualism
- Aesthetic representations of Transculturalism
- Transcultural / Transnational identity
- Phenomena of globalization
- Transnational politics

Please submit an abstract of 200-250 words to Simon Lösch ( by November 30th, 2012.

Please include your name, university affiliation, title of paper and email address.
We welcome abstracts not only from students in German Studies, but also from those in other fields with papers pertinent to the topic. Paper presentations should be approximately 20 minutes in length.


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