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Ergebnisanzeige "WiG Panel: Feminisms After the Riot"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelWiG Panel: Feminisms After the Riot
BeschreibungCoalition of Women in German (WiG) Conference

CFP: Feminisms After the Riot

The panel seeks to examine the reconfiguration of feminist activism in and for the Twenty-first century. We propose to use German feminisms as a case study to examine the politics of protest and performance art, digital protests, pop-feminisms, and post–riot-grrrl culture. Does feminist activism have the potential to transform discourses around the digital economy, equity, and democracy, such as those related to open access? How do local centers for feminist political performance art engage with the digital transfer of transnational protest movements, and how has this incorporation changed the technologies used for local activism? And how do other art forms such as literature, film, and theater engage in the notion of protest? Examples could include the German reception of transnational and feminist activists like Pussy Riot (Russia), Slutwalk (Canada), and FEMEN (Ukraine) as well as national examples like Lady Bitch Ray, Chicks on Speed, and Mädchenmannschaft e.V. The panel hopes to develop ways to engage with the transnational circulation of feminist activism today that accounts for and harnesses the messy conveyance of meaning as digital technologies collide with the politicized body.

Please submit your proposals of 300 words to both session organizers Carrie Smith Prei (University of Alberta) and Maria Stehle (University of Tennessee Knoxville) by March 1, 2013.

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