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Ergebnisanzeige "East/West: European Cinema after the Berlin Wall"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelEast/West: European Cinema after the Berlin Wall

East/West: European Cinema after the Berlin Wall

Proposals are currently being considered for an international collection on
cinematic exchanges between East and West in a 're-centered' Europe after
the fall of the Berlin Wall. Proposals should be 600 words plus a working
bibliography/filmography, submitted to both editors: Michael Gott ( and Todd Herzog (

Deadline for proposals is January 14, 2013.

The collection aims to assess East/West cinematic endeavors, voyages, and
exchanges made possible by the fall of the Berlin Wall and by European
Unification and expansion. We hope to address questions such as ‘what is
“East” in European cinema?’ and ‘how is the East portrayed in post-1989
European cinema?’ and to assess the extent and impact of co-productions
between Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Eurasia. Possible lines of
inquiry include:

· Turkish diasporic cinema in Germany

· Memories of Cold War Europe in post-1989 films

· East/West distribution and reception case studies

· Journeys, trafficking, and migration from East to West and West to East

· Portrayals of the Balkans in Western European cinema

The collection plans to examine both auteur films and popular cinema and
will include both analyses of films and of the film industry. Beyond the
realm of cinema, the collection seeks to add to the ongoing debates on
issues of European unity and specifically the discussion of the place of
the ‘East’ and its citizens within the framework of an ostensibly
borderless political Europe and protean European cultural sphere.

We invite abstracts (600 words) for chapter-length contributions that will
examine exchanges and connections between Western Europe and Southeastern
Europe, Turkey, Eurasia, Central or Eastern Europe that problematize,
re-map, reconfigure or "re-center" post-Wall Europe. Abstracts should be
submitted by January 14. Completed essays will be due by September 2013.

Please contact the editors, Michael Gott ( and Todd
Herzog (, with any questions.
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