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Ergebnisanzeige "Germanistik Innovativ: Magister und Promotions-Stipendien, University of Oregon"
TitelGermanistik Innovativ: Magister und Promotions-Stipendien, University of Oregon
BeschreibungMagister und Promotions-Stipendien am German and Scandinavian Department der University of Oregon

As one of the leading German Departments in the Western United States our department features seven German and three Scandinavian specialists, who collaborate fully in an intellectual enterprise focused on modernity. Our various sub-concentrations, which include philosophical and theoretical discourses, Holocaust- and memory-studies, film, visual culture, folk traditions and German Shakespeare Studies, represent substantive links to other departments and programs, in particular Philosophy, History, Judaic Studies, Art History, Music, English, Comparative Literature, Folklore and Cinema Studies.
Our innovative graduate curriculum is designed to provide M.A. and Ph.D. students with a firm grounding in modern (post-1750) German literature and to enable them to situate this literature within the context of modern European history and thought.
The Pacific Coast, the Cascade Mountains, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Oregon Bach Festival are among the natural and cultural amenities that make the University of Oregon an agreeable setting in which to study the literatures and languages of the German-speaking and Nordic countries.
If accepted students receive a Graduate Teaching Fellowship which covers “Studiengebuehren,” Health Insurance and a stipend for living expenses. We welcome both students who will be working towards their M.A. degree and those who already know that they would like to go all the way to the Ph.D. We offer students small and intimate settings of our graduate seminars, personal attention to all academic endeavors, and especially also the opportunity to teach their own classes. Our graduate teaching fellows receive thorough hands-on training in the pedagogies and philosophies of foreign language teaching. Teaching while studying prepares students early for careers that involve both research and instruction.

The research and teaching interests of our faculty cover a wide range of subfields within the broad area of German (and Scandinavian) literature and culture from the 18th to the 21st centuries. These subfields include especially the periods of Enlightenment and Romanticism, the later nineteenth century, Modernism, post-1945 literature, and—bolstered by a recent hire—film studies and media theory. Particular strengths of our faculty include literary theory and philosophy, Jewish Studies, Nietzsche studies, psychoanalysis, Gender Studies, multicultural Germany, and film history and theory.

In addition, beyond the limits of our own Department, our interdepartmental German Studies Committee brings together faculty members from Philosophy, History, Jewish Studies, Art History and Comparative Literature. Each year the German Studies Committee organizes one interdisciplinary conference around a particular theme. In 2012, for example, the topic was “Kierkegaard and German Thought,” for Spring 2013 it will be “Defining the Human and the Animal.” We publish the results of these conferences in an online journal in German Studies and borderline theory called Konturen edited on this campus with the support of a distinguished International Board of Editorial Consultants.

The work within our Department and within the German Studies Committee across departmental lines provides a stimulating environment in which we encourage our graduate students to explore their own research and teaching interests. We are strongly committed to supporting our students' individual intellectual development and their definition and pursuit of their own professional and academic goals. Advanced graduate students are regularly invited to present their ideas to a joint faculty/student colloquium for discussion and constructive feedback. We see ourselves as a learning community of scholars.

For further information please refer to our website ( and feel free to contact us with any questions you (or your students) may have.

Jeffrey Librett, Dept. Head
Professor of German
Director of the German Studies Committee

Martin Klebes
Associate Professor of German
Director of Graduate Studies
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LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
SchlüsselbegriffeLiteratur 1770 - 1830; Literatur 1830 - 1880; Literatur 1880 - 1945; Literatur nach 1945; Literatur- u. Kulturgeschichte; Literaturtheorie: Themen; Lyriktheorie
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