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Ergebnisanzeige "“Norms, Normality and Normalisation”, Postgraduate Summer School in German Studies"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
Titel“Norms, Normality and Normalisation”, Postgraduate Summer School in German Studies
“Norms, Normality and Normalisation”

Postgraduate Summer School in German Studies,
University of Nottingham, 2-6 July 2013

As part of a consortium of UK universities, Nottingham is hosting the Postgraduate Summer School in German Studies, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, on 2-6 July 2013. The Summer School includes a postgraduate conference on the theme of “Norms, Normality and Normalisation”, involving keynote speakers from Germany and the UK as well as postgraduate researchers from Germany, the UK and Ireland.

The Arts reflect concepts of normality in a variety of forms. For example, artists and writers reference, reinforce, reinvent, and/or challenge identity constructs, as well as literary and aesthetic traditions. Concepts of norms, normality and normalisation open up debates in various sub-disciplines in German Studies, such as philosophy, politics, history, gender studies, literature, and film.
Norms are often viewed critically: concepts of normality are used to exclude, stigmatise and oppress individuals on the basis of gender, sexuality, class, ethnicity, and religion. What are the methods through which normality is conveyed and/or institutionalised? How, when and where does normalisation take place in a globalised world?
At the same time, norms are also an indispensable part of society in that they are grounded in values without which a community cannot exist. Norms can also be the basis of a collective identity. What are the philosophical and social backgrounds and implications of norms as values? How do norms and values interact?
Furthermore, considering normality also brings to mind its opposites: the extraordinary, the outsider, the crisis. The non-normative, however, can sometimes become normative, such as in pop culture as well as in feminism and post-colonialism. How does the process of normalisation occur? Which historical examples of change in conceptualisations of normality can shed light on the process of normalisation more broadly?

We invite papers which might address — but are not limited to — the following themes:
- Conceiving, reinforcing and challenging genres, structures and aesthetic traditions
- Outsiders, inclusion, exclusion, non-normativity and agency
- Crisis and normality
- Normalisation and its contexts
- Power and institutions
- Political movements and grass-roots projects

Proposals for papers should include the name, affiliation and contact details (including email address) for all paper authors, as well as a brief (max. 200 words) abstract and paper title. Please send all proposals to: by 7th January 2013.

Contact: Professor Dr Dirk Göttsche
Department of German Studies
School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies,
University of Nottingham,
University Park, Trent Building, C35
Tel. +44 (0)115 8466297
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KontaktdatenName/Institution: Prof. Dr. Dirk Göttsche, Department of German Studies, University of Nottingham 
Strasse/Postfach: University Park 
Postleitzahl: NG7 2RD 
Stadt: Nottingham 
Telefon: 0044-115-8466297 
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