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Ergebnisanzeige "Re-orienting Brecht: Transcultural Perspectives (ACLA-Panel)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelRe-orienting Brecht: Transcultural Perspectives (ACLA-Panel)
BeschreibungOn the last day of February in 1933, Bertolt Brecht left Germany for Switzerland. Over the next decade and a half, until his return to Germany in 1949, Brecht was an artist in exile, one of Europe’s most notable refugees whose broad visibility in American political life was outdone only by the depth of his exilic work. Plays, cinematic storyboards, diaries, poems, children’s rhymes, critical essays, songs – all these forms, and more, have come to constitute a prodigious archive for scholars across disciplines. Not only did Brecht’s status as one of the most notable European refugees from fascism ensnare him in Cold War debates about political commitment, but his theoretical work and extensive literary output has proven profoundly influential for a variety of fields of critical inquiry: postcolonial theory, the study of minority literatures, exile studies, and performance studies (to name just a few).

As the ACLA convenes nearly eighty years to the day after Brecht’s departure from Germany, we invite prospective seminar participants to reflect on Brecht’s life and work in a key commensurate with the theme of this year’s annual meeting: Global Positioning Systems. We are particularly interested in papers that explore and re-examine Brecht in transcultultural contexts.

Possible topics may include but are not limited to:
- Brecht and minorities
- Brecht and transcultural exchange,
- Brecht and World Literature
- Re-contextualizing Brecht in the global age
- Interdiscplinary approaches to Brecht
- Brecht and intermediality

Seminar organizers:
Ela Gezen (Assistant Professor of German, University of Massachusetts, Amherst;
Seth Howes (Visiting Assistant Professor of German, Oakland University;

Please note that seminars consist of six to twelve presentations and meet two to three days. Participants are expected to attend the seminar for its entire duration.

Paper proposals may be submitted through the ACLA website ( The deadline for paper proposals is November 15, 2012. Please contact the seminar organizers directly, if you have questions.

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PersonName: Ela Gezen 
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