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Ergebnisanzeige "Writing the Anthropocene (ACLA-Panel)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelWriting the Anthropocene (ACLA-Panel)
BeschreibungWriting the Anthropocene
(American Comparative Literature Association, April 4-7, Toronto, Canada)

In recent years, scientists have increasingly begun to talk about the Anthropocene epoch, a new phase in earth’s history defined by humanity’s active intervention in the geological record.
The Anthropocene represents a revolution in one of the central ways by which we as a species define our common identity, namely in our ability to create and transcribe messages. In this new epoch, the earth’s atmosphere, the fossil record, and even the genome of living organisms have become carriers of information about human activity. Human communications media are thus no longer separate from the nonhuman records studied by geologists, biologists, or climatologists.
Our seminar aims to explore the implications of this conceptual revolution for literary criticism and theory, film and media studies, and semiotics. Possible questions to consider:

(a) What does it mean to send messages across a span of millennia, or to nonhuman recipients? How does this question inform contemporary literary movements?

(b) How have theories of geological or “deep” time changed the shape of literary and cultural criticism?

(c) Why are so many recent works of popular culture fascinated with worlds from which human life has vanished? What narratological challenges does such a perspective pose?

(d) How are nuclear semiotics, genetic modifications, and geoengineering depicted in contemporary culture?

(e) Is it still useful to distinguish between the human and the nonhuman?

(f) What would it mean to think about the earth itself as a medium?

(g) Who are the emerging theorists of the Anthropocene?

Please note that this a CFP for a 20 minute presentation as part of a 3-day seminar at ACLA. Seminar participants are asked to attend for the entire duration of the seminar. Please direct further questions to the seminar organizers:

Tobias Boes (University of Notre Dame, German Department,
Kate Marshall (University of Notre Dame, English Department,

Paper proposals should be submitted directly via the ACLA's online submission tool:
The deadline for paper proposals is November 1, 2012.


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