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Ergebnisanzeige "Georg-August-Universität Göttingen - Fall School: Shifting Perspectives"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelGeorg-August-Universität Göttingen - Fall School: Shifting Perspectives
BeschreibungLanguages use several non-canonical forms of reported speech that are far from being investigated satisfactorily. Sign languages, for instance, show a modality-specific strategy of reporting thoughts and utterances that is referred to as role shift (see Lillo-Martin to appear, Herrmann/Steinbach 2007, Quer 2005). Moreover, literary texts make use of free indirect discourse, which seems to be a specific form of reported speech only found in literary narration (see Banfield 1982, Schlenker 2004 among others).
Although eminently different at a first glance, apparent parallels in the analyses of both phenomena can be discovered since keywords such as “shifting contexts”, “shifting perspectives” and “shifted reference” are highly relevant for role shift and for free indirect discourse.

We address advanced students (Ph.D. or M.A. level) in linguistics, psycholinguistics, literary studies and related fields. The interdisciplinary fall school aims at bringing students together with researchers who share their expertise in classes addressing the following topics:

• Emar Maier (theoretical linguistics): The semantics and pragmatics of free indirect discourse
• Thomas Weskott (psycholinguistics): Experimental studies on free indirect discourse
• Frank Hakemulder (literary studies): (Psycho)narratological foundations of free indirect discourse
• Josep Quer (sign language linguistics): Reports in the visual-gestural modality

Every class includes 4 lessons of 90 minutes from Monday, October 1st, to Thursday, October 4th. On Friday, October 5th, a one-day workshop closes the fall school. At this workshop, the invited speakers as well as selected participants will present their current work.

If you want to participate in the fall school, you have two options:
(1) You can attend the fall school and the workshop without presenting a talk.
In that case, please subscribe until August, 1st, by e-mail to
(2) You can attend the fall school and present a talk at the workshop. In that case, please subscribe until August, 1st, and attach an anonymous abstract that is related to the fall school's topic to your e-mail. We invite abstracts for 20-minute presentations (plus 10 minutes for discussion). Send your submission in PDF format (at most 1 page, 12 pt, examples and references included) to Please note that it is not possible to give a talk without participating in the fall school.

Please include your name, affiliation and your level of education (advanced M.A., Ph.D. 1st/2nd year, advanced Ph.D.) in the body of the e-mail. In case you submit an abstract, please also mention the title of your presentation in your e-mail.
The number of participants is limited to 20. There is no registration fee.
Letters of acceptance will be sent by August, 15th.

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PersonName: Annika Hübl 
Name: Markus Steinbach 
SchlüsselbegriffeLinguistik; Methodologie / Wissenschaftsgeschichte; Pragmatik (Sprechakttheorie, Implikatur, Handlungstheorien, Historiopragmatik); Sprachphilosophie / Kommunikationstheorie (Sprachtheorie, Sprachbegriffe); Textlinguistik (Textbegriff, Textgrammatik, Textsorten, Hypertexte, Textsortengeschichte)
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