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Ergebnisanzeige "Autobiography and historical Crisis"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelAutobiography and historical Crisis
BeschreibungAutobiography and historical Crisis

International Conference in Leicester (England),
12. - 14. September 2008

part of the project
National Identities and European Myths

Call for Papers

Social ruptures and crises frequently correlate with the production of autobiographies. The genre of autobiography flourishes after historical crises and epoch-changing events (e.g.WWI or German Unification 1990), after changes of symbolic values, and 'epoch thresholds' in collective memory (Jan Assmann), offering possibilities of historical and social self-scrutiny and self-location. Traditional and genealogical ties, recognisable in many autobiographies, create an individual basis from which to come to terms with social and historical rupture. Simultaneously, the relationship between the generations is the medium in which social ruptures can become a conflict-ridden theme. Particularly in Germany, the last ten years witnessed a series of memories, autobiographies, and family-novels that sought to re-establish connections to genealogical and historical continuities across the ruptures of the 20th century. Autobiographies and family narratives thus address not only individual, but cultural identities. While literary autobiographies can be read particularly as public performances of memory and part of a public discourse, private autobiographies are increasingly used as historical 'sources'. Since the 'oral history turn' it is particularly Contemporary Historiography that takes recourse to oral and autobiographical sources to illuminate recent historical phenomena. On the other hand, the recent growth in memory studies has increasingly de-stabilised autobiographical memory's claim to authenticity and stressed its dependence on processes of public mediation. Autobiographies, whether literary or not, are thus part of an actively practiced 'politics of memory'. The question that this conference addresses is, how and with what linguistic and rhetorical means autobiographical and family narratives practice memory politics. What past is remembered and how? From which present do these texts remember or, which present is contested by the act of memory?

Possible Topics:

* Manifest and/or latent influences of historical ruptures in 18.-20.ct. autobiography
* Ruptures and continuities of tradition
* Family relationships and family conflicts
* Generation and heritage
* Autobiography and experience of war
* Narratives of education and tradition
* Gender-specific perspectives

The conference is planned as a collaboration between four European Universities:
Leiden, NL (Faculteit der Letteren; Zentrum für Sprache und Identität, CTI)
Bremen, D (FB 10; Institut für kulturwissenschaftliche Deutschlandstudien, IfkuD)
Ferrara, I (Dipartimento di Scienze Umane)
Liège/Lüttich, B (Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres, Département Germanique)
Warwick, UK (Department of German Studies)
(formerly Internationaler Arbeitskreis Literatur und Politik in Deutschland e. V.).

We are looking for contributions from the disciplines of sociology, history, literary and cultural studies, film and media studies, social psychology, musicology and art history, political science and bordering disciplines. Contributions can be in English as well as in German. Please send an abstract of 300 words max to all five email addresses below by 31 Dec, 2007. Replies will be sent out by 15 Jan, 2008.

A publication in the series 'Jahrbuch Literatur und Politik' with Winter (Heidelberg) is planned.

Please send you abstract to all of the five email- addresses below:
Dr. Helmut Schmitz -
Prof. Dr. Matteo Galli -
Prof. Dr. Alexandra Pontzen -
Prof. Dr. Heinz-Peter Preußer -
Prof. Dr. Anthonya Visser -

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