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Ergebnisanzeige "Institutions and Culture: Special Issue of Oxford German Studies (Early 2014)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelInstitutions and Culture: Special Issue of Oxford German Studies (Early 2014)
BeschreibungCall for Articles

Institutions and Culture: Special Issue of Oxford German Studies (Early 2014)

The editors are currently seeking contributions in English for a planned volume on the intersections between German-speaking culture, its institutions and the foundation or construction of narrative, understood as literature, journalistic prose, oral storytelling or cinematic form. The focus is not so much on the description of concrete institutions within narratives, but rather how these narratives are in part built, fortified or destabilized by organisations which form part of the landscape of a given narrative’s genesis or reception. Such institutions might include those of the state: government agencies, authorities responsible for censorship or commemoration, courts, prisons, asylums, or formal educational institutions such as schools or universities, for example. The term might also be applied to a range of other organized social practices, some of which adopt the vocabulary of more prototypical examples of institutions – such as literary prize juries, academies, funding bodies or patrons. The institutions examined may be located within the German-speaking world or abroad (e.g., embassies or branches of the Goethe-Institut), but they must explicitly pertain to a German-speaking culture. The editors are open to responses from a range of periods, though those post-Romanticism are especially welcome. Proposals from early-career researchers are encouraged.

Substantial abstracts are due by 31st August 2012. Drafts of completed projects are also welcome for consideration. A selection of contributors will then be invited to submit the full manuscript for the peer review process, for which the copy deadline is likely to be 1st April 2013.

Please send suggestions to both co-editors: Seán M. Williams, University of Oxford, and Prof. W. Daniel Wilson, Royal Holloway, .

About Oxford German Studies:
Oxford German Studies (ISSN 0078-7191), which was founded in 1965, is a fully refereed journal published three times a year by Maney Publishing. The journal accepts papers in either English or German, and aims to present contributions from all countries and to represent as wide a range of topics and approaches as possible. It is available both in print and electronic form, and its complete archive has been digitised. For further information, see:
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