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Ergebnisanzeige "Controlling Time and Shaping the Self: The Rise of Autobiographical Writing since 1750"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelControlling Time and Shaping the Self: The Rise of Autobiographical Writing since 1750
BeschreibungInternational Conference - Controlling Time and Shaping the Self: The Rise of Autobiographical Writing since 1750. Rotterdam 15-17 June 2006.

An international conference will be held in Rotterdam on the development of
autobiographical writing in relation to changes in the perception and
control of time, historical reflection, and the influence of publishing and

*provisional program (*February 2005)

*15 June 2006*

9.00 Registration

Welcome by Dick Douwes, Dean of the Faculty of History and Arts of the
Erasmus University Rotterdam
& Introduction to the theme of the conference by Arianne Baggerman

Lecture by Peter Burke (Cambridge): Historicizing the Self.

11.00 *Workshops.*


Celeste Brusati (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor): Time and Presence in
Dutch Still Life Painting.

Marilyn Himmesoete (University of Paris 7 Denis Diderot): Writing and
Measuring Time. Nineteenth-century French Teenagers Diaries.

Ellen Grabowsky (Erasmus University): The Introduction of Printed Diaries in
the Netherlands in the Nineteenth Century.


Jeroen Blaak (Erasmus University): Autobiographies of Self Made Men and
Women in the Netherlands in the Nineteenth Centu­ry.

Pieter Stokvis (Open Universiteit Nederland): The Changing Self-Portrait and
Partner Profile in Matrimonial Advertisements from 1825 until 1925.

Ofer Nur (UCLA): Can there be a Collective Egodocument? A Case from 1922.


Wim Denslagen (University of Utrecht): The Dual Meaning of Authenticity.

Eveline Koolhaas (University of Amsterdam): Physiognomy and Unmasking in the
Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century.

Lisa Kuitert (University of Amsterdam): Knowing the Writer, by Portrait: The
Influence of Photography on Authors and Authorship in the Nineteenth

12.30 Lunch

14.00 *Time consciousness*

Richard Freadman (La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia): Time in
Literary Autobiography.

Ann Adams (University of California, Santa Barbara): Time in and of the
Dutch Seventeenth-Century Portrait.

Lecture by Marina Warner (University of Essex).

17.00 Drinks

*16 June 2006*

Lecture by Philippe Lejeune (University of Paris-Nord): M.A. Jullien Jr et
le contrôle du temps.

11.00 *Controlling Time*

Gadi Algazi (Tel Aviv University): Invisible Labor and Self-Imposed
Time-Economies: Early Modern Scholars at Work.

Alfred Messerli (University of Zürich): Swiss Popular Almanacs 1700-1900.
Construction of Time by Numbers, Text and Pictures.

Molly MacCarthy (Wellesley): The Diary versus the Pocket-Watch.
Understanding Time in Nineteenth-Century America.

Avriel Bar-Levav (Open University Israel): Time in Nineteenth-Century Hebrew

12.30 Lunch

14.00 *Ruptures*

Thomas Max Safley (University of Pennsylvania): Bankruptcy and

James Amelang (Madrid): Tracing Lives. The Spanish Inquisition and the Act
of Autobiography.

Petra Buchholz (Freie Universität Berlin): The Second World War and
Autobiography in Japan.

Lecture by Peter Fritzsche (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign):
Writing in Difference. Drastic History and the Production of Autobiography.

*17 June 2006*

Lecture by Dror Wahrman (Indiana University, Bloomington): The Making of the
Modern Self. Identity and Culture in Eighte­enth-Century England.

11.00 *Identity and Communication*


Lotte van de Pol (Freie Universität Berlin/University of Utrecht): Diary
Writing at European Courts in the Eighteenth Century.

Hugo Röling (University of Amsterdam): The Development of the Self in
Memories of Childhood in the Netherlands and Flanders, 1770-1950.

Donna Loftus (Open University, London): Middle ­Class Men and the Civic.
Histories of Self and Place in the Late Nineteenth Century.


Roelof van Gelder (Amsterdam): Sailor's letters of the Seventeenth and
Eighteenth Centuries.

Lucia Bergamasco (University of Orleans): Letter Writing and Autobiography,
from the Late Seventeenth Century to the Early Nineteenth Century.

12.30 Lunch

14.00 *Autobiography and Commerce*

Marijke Huisman (Erasmus University): Publishing Autobiographies in the
Second Half of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century in the

Michael Mascuch (University of California, Berkeley): The Early Periodical
and the Publicity of Privacy. Letters to the Editor as Proto-Autobiography,

16. 00
Lecture by Roger Ekirch (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia): The Self and
Segmented Sleep.

The conference is part of the NWO-Vernieuwingsimpuls project *Con­trolling
Time and Shaping the Self. Education, Introspection and Practices of Writing
in the Netherlands 1750-1914*, in cooperation with the
NWO-internationaliseringproject *Egodocuments, zelfreflectie
en culturele verandering: Nederland, Zwitserland en de Europese context,
1600-1900* (Huizinga Insti­tuut Amsterdam with the Freie Universität Berlin
(Prof.Dr. Claudia Ulbrich) and the University of Basel (Prof.Dr. Kaspar von

The conference is organized at the Faculty of History and Arts of the
Erasmus University Rotterdam, all sessions will be held in the
Pelgrimfathers Church (Aelbrechtskolk 30, see ).
The conference fee is 95 Euro, including drinks and lunches. Registration by
transfer of 95 Euro to ABN-AMRO bank account of the Faculteit
der Geesteswetenschappen UvA, Amsterdam, with mention of 'Controlling time;
WBS C.2023.0­011'.

Participants from abroad can register by email:

Organisation Dr. Arianne Baggerman and Dr. Rudolf Dekker, Faculty of History
and Arts, Erasmus University Rotterdam, POB 1738 NL 3000 DR Rotterdam,


Dr Rudolf Dekker
Erasmus University
Faculty of History and Arts (L3-12)
POB 1738 , NL-3000DR Rotterdam (010-4082901)

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