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Ergebnisanzeige "Medieval Cities - International Medieval Congress"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelMedieval Cities - International Medieval Congress
BeschreibungInternational Medieval Congress

International Medieval Congress, Leeds

9-12 July 2007

Medieval towns and cities shaped the world in which we live today. Many had
ancient predecessors, but their distinctive evolution in post-Roman times
underlies the cultural and political structures of modern Europe. Few
regions were highly-urbanised, but everywhere was to some degree influenced
by networks of cities and lesser centres - as sites of marketing and
manufacture, and as symbols and instruments of power and belief. Cities gave
identities to territories, shaped landscapes and states, facilitated
movement, and promoted new social, cultural, intellectual, and ideological
forms. As icons of order they were influential channels of communication,
both with the past and with ideas of heaven and the future. They also
offered fertile ground for the elaboration of myth. Cities linked Europe to
the wider world, through exchanges with counterparts in Africa and Asia.

The Leeds IMC has selected this theme to celebrate the 800th anniversary of
the foundation of the borough of Leeds by its manorial lord, an event which
established the physical framework of the later town as it is still visible
in the commercial city of today. The Congress will include sessions devoted
to Leeds but is also an ideal venue for bringing together the wide variety
of recent scholarship in many disciplines which has had a bearing on cities
in medieval Europe and neighbouring territories. We specially invite papers
that cross traditional boundaries of discipline and topic.

Aspects of this thematic strand may include:

- Cities and social and political formation
- Cities and patterns of belief: worship, cults, pilgrimage, and heresy
- Cities as sites of material and cultural production
- Cities as sites of commercial and cultural exchange
- Cities and the shaping of custom and law
- Cities and war
- Cities in history, myth, and imagination
- Life and death in the medieval city
- Networks of cities and other towns
- The impact of cities on territories
- The symbolic landscape of cities
- The representation of cities in graphic art
- Medieval cities in the modern world: conservation, museums,
historiography, tourism

The IMC seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of
all aspects of Medieval Studies. At the IMC 2007, sessions and papers on the
special thematic strand of 'Medieval Cities' are particularly encouraged.
However, as in previous years, papers and sessions on all aspects of the
study of the European Middle Ages are most welcome.

We prefer proposals to be completed online - a
quick, easy, and secure method. Paper proposals must be submitted by 31
August 2006; session proposals must be submitted by 30 September 2006.

The IMC welcomes session and paper proposals submitted in all major European
languages. For further details please contact:

Axel E. W. Müller
International Medieval Congress, Institute for Medieval Studies
Parkinson Building 1.03, University of Leeds, LEEDS, LS2 9JT, UK

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PersonName: Müller, Axel E. W. 
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SchlüsselbegriffeKomparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur 700 - 1150; Literatur 1150 - 1300; Literatur 1300 - 1500; Motiv- u. Stoffgeschichte
Klassifikation06.00.00 Mittelalter > 06.03.00 Geistes- und Kulturgeschichte; 06.00.00 Mittelalter > 06.08.00 Stoffe. Motive. Themen
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