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Ergebnisanzeige "Habsburg Nostalgia"
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TitelHabsburg Nostalgia
BeschreibungHabsburg Nostalgia

Standing Panel of the Austrian Studies Association (formerly Modern Austrian Literature and Culture Association)
MLA 2013, Boston, MA: January 3-6

“Habsburg Nostalgia”

This session seeks papers that reflect on the ways in which nostalgia for an imagined “Habsburg world” informs and shapes Austrian literature and culture and Austrian national identity. In the wake of Austro-fascism and Nazism, Austrians have often turned to an idealized vision of a multi-cultural Habsburg. Nostalgia, as Svetlana Boym has argued, is an “historical emotion,” one that is predicated on forgetting. A nostalgia for the Habsburg Empire reflects a celebration of the Empire simultaneously as a creative, multi-ethnic mosaic and as a global power, and this view of history reveals a desire to view “Austrianness” as both grander and more inclusive than the territory that defines the boundaries and limits of contemporary Austria. Habsburg revivalism and postmodern citations of "Habsburg culture" litter contemporary Vienna and the literary and artistic works emerging from the capital city. Yet Habsburg nostalgia already appears in literature produced in the final years of the dual monarchy, predating Austro-fascism and World War II. The inevitable process of modernization leading to the crystallization of the nation-state model contributed to a longing for what has been perceived as the grander days of Empire. Habsburg nostalgia may also reflect the desire to highlight an Austrian history distinct from German history.

Paper proposals on the following and related topics (250-500 words) are welcome:

- modern literary and filmic works that cite the Habsburg Empire nostalgically or ironically
- literature reflecting the last days of the Empire
- heritage or historicist literature or film
- Habsburg nostalgia in former Habsburg territories
- works that reflect monarchist fantasies
- Habsburg “kitsch”
- modern-day Vienna and the role of the Habsburgs in the tourism industry
- the cult of “Sissi”

Please send proposals to Heidi Schlipphacke ( by March 20, 2012.
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