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Ergebnisanzeige "RMMLA-Panel: Writing Trauma Survival: Learning from violence and its after effects in literature"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelRMMLA-Panel: Writing Trauma Survival: Learning from violence and its after effects in literature
BeschreibungRocky Mountain Modern Languages Association Conference October 11-13, 2012
Boulder, CO

Session Title: Writing Trauma Survival: Learning from violence and its after effects in literature

Session Chair: Kim Fordham

Rationale: This session will focus on what we can learn about trauma, resiliency and the operations of social violence in literary texts (broadly defined), written by authors who self-identify as women since 1960. There is considerable evidence, both in the cultural record and in terms of measurable social effects, to demonstrate that ideological, socio-cultural and systemic forms of violence work together to reinforce intersectional gender discipline. This session, therefore, invites scholars exploring the complex issues inherent in gender-based acts of violence and their aftermath to engage with models of human fragility and capacities for resiliency and repair, as presented through selected texts.

I am particularly interested in papers that address the following themes, though I welcome submissions on other related topics as well:

· The role of creativity in healing from violence

· Disruptive powers of violence and aggression

· Resolutions to violence

· Intersections of gender and violence

· Politics of violence, including poverty and gender

· Survival and coping strategies

· Complex consequences of violence for those targeted and for the social surround

· Effects of violence, i.e., addictions, eating disorders, loss of self, dislocation

· Embodied acts of violence against the self: self-disgust, self-mutilation

· Considering the perpetrators / reading the monsters

· Why and how do those targeted by violence become perpetrators?

· Power relations

The types of violence can include, but are not limited to: childhood abuse, including sexual abuse; domestic violence; insidious forms of violence; socio-political violence; cultural genocide. Please submit a 250 – 300 word abstract outlining your proposal for the panel.

Proposals accepted until March 15, 2012

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PersonName: Kim Fordham 
LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
SchlüsselbegriffeErzähltheorie; Literaturpsychologie; Literatursoziologie
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