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Ergebnisanzeige "Facing Tragedies"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelFacing Tragedies
BeschreibungFacing Tragedies

International Conference for Young Academics, Salzburg, May 6-9 2008

Tragedies happen. They transform people's lives beyond recognition, imposing the authority of nonresolution. Tragedies as serious and irreversible events with sad outcomes, as disruptions of order and fortune, cannot be explained away. They leave open wounds and pose ongoing challenges, they change the human situation, sometimes irrevocably. World hunger and unemployment, the drama of refugees, 9/11, floods and earth quakes, the dark chapters of European history - these are tragic stories unfolding between human failure and natural catastrophes. Tragedies hit people on an individual level, but they can also transform communities and even continents. How an we cope with tragedies? How should we remember tragedies? How can we respond to tragedies that hit a whole community or even an entire nation? How can we live with the irreversiblity of non-resolution? There is a need for creativity and courage, sensitivity and prudence when facing tragedies.

The Center for Ethics and Poverty Research (CEPR), University of Salzburg, invites contributions from all areas responding to these questions of facing tragedies. The conference will be organized in four clusters: (1) The concept of tragedy and an ethics of coping, (2) unemployment and exclusion as social tragedies, (3) catastrophes and disasters, and (4) the challenge of terrorism and insecurity. Your contribution should develop one creative idea for one of these clusters. It can be a current or historical "good practice" or "best example" based on your experience or academic expertise, it can be a provocative new idea, it can be a concrete suggestion, it can be one single point you would like to make. It should be a "one point paper" of 3 to 5 pages.

The conference is aimed at PhDs and other researchers in the early stages of their academic career. Contributers should not be older than 40 years. The CEPR will cover your stay and provide a travel costs reimbursement up to a maximum of 350,- EURO. Closing deadline: November 30th, 2007
Participants will be selected by an international committee. They will be announced by the end of december 2007.

Please send your paper together with a short CV to:

Zentrum für Ethik und Armutsforschung
Center for Ethics and Poverty Research
Universität Salzburg
Franziskanergasse 1/IV
A-5020 Salzburg
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PersonName: Schweiger, Gottfried 
Funktion: Ansprechpartner 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Zentrum für Ethik und Armutsforschung, Universität Salzburg 
Strasse/Postfach: Franziskanergasse 1/IV 
Postleitzahl: 5020 
Stadt: Salzburg 
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