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Ergebnisanzeige "The seventy-fifth conference of the Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelThe seventy-fifth conference of the Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland
BeschreibungThe seventy-fifth conference of the Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland

Edinburgh, 02.04.-04.04.2012


Dear colleagues,

The seventy-fifth conference of the Association for German Studies in Great Britain and Ireland will take place on 2-4 April 2012 at Edinburgh University. Full details of the programme and the venue, as well as the registration form can now be downloaded from:

The deadline for receipt of registration forms and full payment/cheques is Monday 20th February 2012.

MONDAY 2 April

12:30 onwards: Arriving delegates will be met by representatives of the host department in the foyer of St Leonard’s Hall

13:30-14:00 Opening Business

14:00-15:30 Parallel Sessions

Lead Panel (conveners: Mary Cosgrove, Frauke Matthes)
Ritchie Robertson (Oxford): The Deviant as Criminal: Versions of the Conspirator in Schiller, Freytag, and Thomas Mann

Anne Fuchs (St Andrews): Robbers who no longer want to rob: The Deviant Deviant in Robert Walser’s Räuberroman

19th century (convener: Malcolm Spencer)
Christopher Geissler (Cambridge): ‘Cycles of violence' in A.G.F. Rebmann's response to the Haitian Revolution
Dr. Eleoma Joshua (Edinburgh): The German Language Reception of Robert Burns in the Austrian Empire
Margit Dirscherl (QMUL): Zur Aesthetik der Grossstadt in Heinrich Heines Pariser Prosa

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 Parallel Sessions

Childhood (Debbie Pinfold)
Beate Müller (Newcastle): The Personal is Political: Child and Community in the Visual Material of Child Holocaust Diaries
Alexandra Lloyd (Wadham, Oxford): The Physical Legacy of a Third Reich Childhood in Contemporary Museums
Debbie Pinfold (Bristol): ‘Das fremde Kind’: The Child as counter-cultural ideal in GDR literature
Nora Maguire (Maynooth): “Und die Kinder wissen nichts davon”: Innocence, desire and the role of the reader in Marcel Beyer’s Flughunde (1995)

Hellas and Latium – Modern German encounters with the ancient world (conveners: Helen Roche, Damian Valdez)
Helen Roche (Cambridge): ‘Wanderer, kommst du nach Preußen....’: Sparta as model in Prussian military thought during
the long nineteenth century
Adam Lecznar (UCL): Nietzsche’s Prometheus in The Birth of Tragedy, The Gay Science and beyond
Damian Valdez (Cambridge): The pathos of Greek competition in modern German thought
Annette Mitchell (UCL): Freud and Philhellenism

17:30-18:30 Plenary

Frauke Matthes (Edinburgh):

What does 'deviant masculinity' mean in contemporary German-language

19:30 Conference Dinner, Playfair Library, Old College


9:00-10:30 Parallel Sessions

Lead Panel (conveners: Mary Cosgrove, Frauke Matthes)
Stuart Taberner (Leeds): Dirty Old Men: Martin Walser's Altenherrenerotik-Trilogy and Muttersohn
Linda Shortt (Bangor): Growing Old Disgracefully: Gender and Ageing in Contemporary German Literature
Mary Cosgrove (Edinburgh): The Nurse of Naughtinesse: The Deviant as Idler in Wilhelm Genazino’s Work

Linguistics (convener: Nils Langer)
Klaus Fischer (LMU): Contrastive Focusing in German Texts: Syntax Meets Discourse
Nils Langer (Bristol): Language Contact Phenomena in Soldiers’ Letters from 1848
Melani Schröter (Reading): Comparative analysis of political discourse

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break, Foyer

11:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions

20th/21st century (Debbie Pinfold)
Martin Modlinger (Cambridge) “Dichter, arbeite jetzt um das größte Werk der Welten”: Goethe’s Faust as rewritten by the inmates of Theresienstadt
Joanne Sayner (Birmingham): Greta Kuckhoff and Anna Seghers: Antifascist Exchanges
Aine McMurty (Durham): A Poetics of Translation: Yoko Tawada Reads Paul Celan

Gender (convener: Frauke Matthes)
Christa Binswanger (Centre for Gender Studies, University of Basel): Guide Bachmann’s Gilgamesch (1966): Re-Writing Adolescent Homosexuality beyond Deviance
Angelika Baier (Universität Wien): Multiple Deviance: Intersexuality in German Crime Fiction
Claire Amanda Ross (independent scholar):
The Adventuress: The Accidental Deviant

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 Parallel Sessions

Translation (convener: Peter Davies)
Astrid Köhler (QMUL) Between Translation and Cultural Transfer: Rendering Post-Napoleonic Prussia and Regency England in English and German
Alina Bothe (FU Berlin), Translating Yiddish into German: “The Task of the Translator” – A Case Study
Janet Stewart (Aberdeen), ”The Energetic Imperative”: Wilhelm Ostwald’s Contribution to the Energy Humanities

Swiss Literature (convener: Jürgen Barkhoff)
Carnel Finnan (Limerick) tba
Jürgen Barkhoff (TCD): Grössenwahn im Kleinstaat. Performanzen der Macht bei Thomas Hürlimann

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break, Foyer

15:30 Business Meeting

18:00 President’s Guest tba

20:00 Dinner The Reverie, Newington Road


9:00-10:30 Parallel Sessions

History and Remembrance (convener: Silke Arnold de-Simine)
Sara Jones (Birmingham): The Medial Frames of Memory. Remembering the Stasi in the United Germany
Rebecca Claire Dolgoy (Oxford): Ersatz Engagement vs. Phenomenological Embodyment. History, Memory, and Temporality in Two Berlin Museums.
Ute Wölfel (Reading): The end of innocence: Konrad Wolf’s Mama, ich lebe (1977) and Frank Beyers’ Der Aufenthalt (1983)

Medieval and Early Modern Studies (convener: Sabine Rolle)
Henrike Lähnemann (Newcastle): Medieval Outreach: 'Lehren und Bilden' as Literary Concepts
Alastair Matthews (Bonn): Reading and translating Lohengrin
Mads Langballe Jensen (UCL): Monarchy and Community in the Peasants' War: Re-integrating the Lutheran Reformation into the History of Political Thought

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break, Foyer

11:00-12:30 Parallel Sessions

20th/21st century (convener: Debbie Pinfold)
Ernest Schonfield (UCL): Globalisation and the Bohemianisation of Business in Ernst-Wilhelm Händler’s Wenn wir sterben (2002)
Margaret Littler (Manchester): Strange Loops and Quantum Turns in Barbara Köhler’s Niemands Frau
Jeanine Tuschling (Warwick) Privacy, Publicity, Personality. Jelinek’s Critique of the Internet in Neid and Winterreise

19th century (convener: Malcom Spencer)
Japhet Johnstone (Muenster & Washington, Seattle): Passive Deviance and Perversion in Keller's Kleider machen Leute
Yvonne Huetter (Munich): Kafka's Die Verwandlung read in the light of Todorov's theories of 'magical realism’.
Reinier van Straten (Oxford): The persistence of Nietzsche's Self-Overcoming in Buber's Philosophical Anthropology

12:30-13:30 Lunch

13:30-15:00 Parallel Sessions

Lead Panel (conveners: Mary Cosgrove, Frauke Matthes) Chair: Frauke Matthes
Elizabeth Boa (Nottingham): Deviant Normality and Monstrous Breakthrough: Sex Monsters around 1900

Lara Benjamin / Oliver Haag (Edinburgh): “Wider der Negerkultur für das deutsche Volkstum": Narratives of Degeneracy and Deviance in Art
Stefan Halft (Passau): Clones as a Metaphor of Deviance: Cultural Strategies of Repair and Normative patterns of Development in Contemporary German Fiction

18th century (convener: Daniel Wilson)
Madeleine Brook (Oxford): “Eine verworfene Gesellschaft von jungen Männern“ or the most galant of all princes? Examining the sources for August the Strong and his popular reputation
Orsolya Kiss (Oxford): A History of Plot: Gottsched to Engel
Jonathan Fine (Irvine/Potsdam): Werther’s Fans: Imitators, Haters, and the Fight over Die Leiden des jungen Werthers

15:00 Closing Business, Departure with Coffee in the Foyer

The lead panel for the conference will be "Deviants in German-Language Literature and Culture", with further panels on History and Remembrance, Linguistics, Gender, Translation, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Eighteenth-Century Studies, Nineteenth and Earlier Twentieth Century Studies, Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Studies.

With the very best wishes,

Ben Schofield
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