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Ergebnisanzeige "Complexity/Simplicity: 21st-Century Approaches"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelComplexity/Simplicity: 21st-Century Approaches
BeschreibungCall for Papers:
Panel stream, GERMAN STUDIES ASSOCIATION, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 4-7, 2012.

Complexity/Simplicity: 21st-Century Approaches

Recent theoretical trends champion diverging paths of cultural analysis: On the one hand, there is much talk of "complexity theory" (John Urry even identifies a "complexity turn"), or of replacing sweeping gestures of totalizing critique with detailed readings unpacking "the local, continent relations between any given piece of knowledge and its narrative/ epistemological entailments" (Sedgwick, Touching Feeling). On the other hand, one detects a growing desire to draw simple distinctions - be it in Zizek's insistence on retaining class as a fundamental point of political orientation, in the new popularity of 'affect' as a singular category of excess vis-a-vis symbolic mediation, or in the cognitive search for human universals.

This panel cluster invites explorations of how complexity and simplicity serve our scholarly aims, asking questions like: Does complexity, while promising a rich embedding of concepts in history and materiality, foster a kind of (not least political) inertia? Does simplicity, while promising elegance of differentiation and individuation, also lead to reductionism and polemic? Is the contemporary moment one that asks for a clear-cut investment in either complexity or simplicity? Or is there a case to be made for strategically combining concepts associated with both?

We invite both theoretical contributions and case studies of individual (literary, cinematic, and other cultural) works organized around a theoretical investigation. Please send abstracts (and short biographical statements, approx. 100 words) to Claudia Breger ( and Ben Robinson ( by January 31st (at the latest).

Claudia Breger
Associate Professor of Germanic Studies
Adjunct Associate Professor of
Communication and Culture and Gender Studies
Department of Germanic Studies
Indiana University
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Bloomington, IN 47405
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