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Ergebnisanzeige "Panel GSA 2012: Moving Sentiment(s)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelPanel GSA 2012: Moving Sentiment(s)
BeschreibungMoving Sentiment(s)

Papers are sought for GSA 2012, to become part of a series of panels on the elusive concept of sentiment/sentimentalism/the sentimental. The goal is to explore the development and changes of the conceptual field across centuries, across genres, and across boundaries.

Most likely, the eighteenth century will form a natural point of the departure, with established notions such as “sentimentalism” (the period, philosophical approach, and the movement), “sentimental drama” (the genre), and German-English cultural transfer. However, the panels seek to go beyond this framework and explore questions of popularization and canonization, radical transformation, and even undoing of sentimentalism, sentimentality, the sentiment, sentimental style, etc. Conversely, how do these concepts impact the literary and cultural process? How do they relate to socio-cultural parameters of this process (e.g., sex and gender; class; nation; generation; rural v. urban settings). What was/is the continued appeal of sentiment? Which genres and/or media were/are the domain of sentiment, the sentimental, sentimentalism?

Please send electronic abstracts of approximately 100 words, brief biographical blurb (no full c.v. please) to Birgit Tautz, Bowdoin College ( by December 31, 2011.

The 2012 GSA convention will take place in Milwaukee, WI, October 4-7. Please note that this is an earlier due date than GSA’s deadline, necessary to fully coordinate the panel stream with GSA.

Birgit Tautz
Associate Professor of German
Department of German
Bowdoin College
Brunswick, ME 04101
(on sabbatical 2011-12)

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