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Ergebnisanzeige "Erzählen - medientheoretische Reflexionen in der Zeit der Digitalisierung"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelErzählen - medientheoretische Reflexionen in der Zeit der Digitalisierung
BeschreibungErzählen - medientheoretische Reflexionen in der Zeit der Digitalisierung
Storytelling – media-theoretical reflections in the age of digitalization

Call for papers by the Media Forum Innsbruck for an international conference at the University of Innsbruck (December 3-4, 2007)

There is no shortage of stories about the past, present, and future of storytelling. It is also undisputed that storytelling is one of the oldest practices of humankind and has been ever-present in social life. Therefore, it is almost impossible to gain an overall view of the individual results of the many disciplines which contribute to the research of narrative culture in the context of daily routines, the sciences, arts, politics, and business.

This traditional role of narrating has gained new and unexpected topicality in the last decades in fields such as psychology, pedagogics, cognitive science, media theory, literature, and philosophy.

The reflection on the narrative structures of cognitive processes has even been described as the second cognitive revolution (Rom Harre).

In comparison, the significance of historical constellations of interactive media (Reinhard Margreiter) of this topic has received little attention. The topics and problems that have become vital in connection with the spreading of digital information and communication technologies creates new questions about the medialization of narrative forms and narrative cultures. Hence, in media studies, the encounter of narration and their digitalization on the Internet – for example in Blogs – is understood as a synergetic effect and fusion of two “cultures,” an oral culture, as known from previously oral cultures, and a culture of literacy.

Main topics:
- digital storytelling in virtual surroundings, storytelling in organizations
- medialization and forming of identity of individuals, groups, and communities (life sketches)
- narrative and second cognitive revolution
- interplay of oral, literary, and digital dimensions in media supplies
- new technologies, formats, and genres – flow of formats, globalization and range of stories
- new approaches to narrative theory in literature
- narrative processes in the context of intermediality and media change
- social software and old/new forms of narration
- the relationship between the logic of politics and the logic of media: productions in media culture
- augmented realities / mixed realities: on the relation between fact and fictionality
- narration and storytelling in media generated study and educational processes
- the role of written languages and visual languages in academic narrations
- DigiTales in film and advertisement

Talks, presentations, or posters (images and/or texts) may be submitted.
Academic, technological, and artistic contributions are welcome.

Program Committee:
- Christine Engel
- Theo Hug
- Karl Leidlmair
- Stefan Neuhaus
- Thomas Schröder

Dates and deadlines:
- July 31, 2007: submission of abstracts (maximum one page)
- Sept. 15, 2007: notification of speakers
- Nov. 24, 2007: submission of manuscripts (lecture/talk)
- Dec. 31, 2007: submission of the print version for publication
- March 31, 2008: publication of the conference proceedings

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