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Ergebnisanzeige "Kleistian (pre-)Occupations. Heinrich von Kleist 1777-1811-2011"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelKleistian (pre-)Occupations. Heinrich von Kleist 1777-1811-2011
Beschreibung“Kleistian (pre-)Occupations”: Heinrich von Kleist 1777-1811-2011
A Graduate Student Conference

Keynote Speaker: Seán Allan, University of Warwick

California State University Long Beach
Friday October 28 - Saturday October 29, 2011
Karl Anatol Center, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Many of the works and letters of Heinrich von Kleist (1777-1811) reflect the troubles of a writer whose personal life was as transitional and turbulent as the time in which he lived. From the revolutions in North America, France, and Haiti to the Napoleonic occupations, the tumultuous social and political landscapes of the late 18th and the early 19th centuries shaped Kleist’s intellectual development and biography. The French occupation of the German states and the idea of Prussian independence (and Prussian national identity) play a prominent role in Kleist’s texts, with foreign occupation and usurpation serving as a common theme in Robert Guiskard (1803), Die Marquise von O... (The Marquise of O..., 1807), Die Hermannsschlacht (Hermann’s Battle, 1808), Die Verlobung in St. Domingo (Betrothal in San Domingo, 1811), Prinz Friedrich von Homburg (The Prince of Homburg, 1811), and Kleist’s political poetry. Kleist, a writer who transcends and often defies conventional categorization, was similarly pre-occupied with an array of related themes, including the pursuit of happiness, the construction of a Lebensplan (a life plan), the fall from grace, justice, gender roles, and Erkenntnistheorie (epistemology); all interwoven with the overarching conference theme of occupation. The conference will explore the author’s works and life – addressing the theme of the writer’s occupation and Kleist’s preoccupations as French occupation looms, becomes reality, and as the war of independence incubates – as well as the relevance of these themes 200 years after Kleist’s suicide.

Speakers include:
Seán Allan (University of Warwick)
Bozena Anna Badura (University of Mannheim)
Lisa Beesley (Vanderbilt University)
Joshua Clemente Bonilla (University of Chicago)
Daniel Chaffey (California State University Long Beach)
Andrea Dahlmann-Resing (University of British Columbia, Vancouver)
Clorinda Donato (California State University Long Beach)
Viktoria Gabriel (University of California Los Angeles)
Roswitha B. Grannell (California State University Long Beach)
Gail K. Hart (University of California Irvine)
Jeffrey L. High (California State University Long Beach)
Alex Holznienkemper (Ohio State University)
Jennifer Hoyer (University of Arkansas)
Wolf Kittler (University of California Santa Barbara)
Curtis Maughan (California State University Long Beach)
Ruth Rubio Rodriguez (University of California Merced)
Henrik Sponsel (University of California Irvine)
Henrik S. Wilberg (Northwestern University)
Holly A. Yanacek (University of Pittsburgh)

Presentation One (Keynote)
Seán Allan (University of Warwick):
“Pre-occupied by the Past. Heinrich von Kleist, Literary Creation and the Destruction of Cultural Forms”

Presentation Two
Curtis Maughan (CSU Long Beach):
“Heinrich von Kleist, Friedrich von Trota, and the Quest for Truth”

Presentation Three
Viktoria Gabriel (UC Los Angeles):
“The Interlacing of the Public and the Private Sphere in Kleist’s Novella Die Marquise von O…”

Presentation Four
Alex Holznienkemper (Ohio State University):
“Kohlhaas the Fundamentalist: Secularism and Religious Rhetoric in Kleist’s Michael Kohlhaas”

Presentation Five
Henrik S. Wilberg (Northwestern University):
“Nemesis and Capital: Michael Kohlhaas’ Business of Revenge”

Presentation Six
Henrik Sponsel (UC Irvine):
“Slaughter or Sacrifice?: Ambiguous Homicide in Kleist’s Novella The Earthquake in Chile (1807)”

Presentation Seven
Roswitha B. Grannell (CSU Long Beach):
“Kleist’s Use of Natural Phenomena in Das Erdbeben in Chili and the Transfer of Knowledge from the New World to the Old”

Presentation Eight
Joshua Clemente Bonilla (University of Chicago):
“Dramatic Motivation in German Romantic Tragedy: Heinrich von Kleist’s Prinz Friedrich von Homburg as Intrigenstück”

Presentation Nine
Daniel Chaffey (CSU Long Beach):
“Napoleonic (pre-)Occupation: Finding the Fiend in Kleist’s Der Findling”

Saturday 29 October 2011

Presentation Ten
Jennifer M. Hoyer (University of Arkansas):
“What is majestic?: Teaching Kleist’s Influence”

Presentation Eleven
Gail K. Hart (UC Irvine):
“People Are Dying in Subordinate Clauses! Teaching Kohlhaas to Masses of Freshmen”

Presentation Twelve
Jeffrey L. High (CSU Long Beach):
“The Pursuit of (un-)Happiness: Teaching Kleist after Schiller”

Presentation Thirteen
Ruth Rubio Rodriguez (UC Merced):
“Abgefaßt nach dem Spanischen: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Kleist's German Catechism”

Presentation Fourteen
Clorinda Donato (CSU Long Beach):
“‘If I were a Spaniard, an Italian, or a Frenchman…’: Teaching Heinrich von Kleist and his Contemporaries”

Presentation Fifteen
Holly A. Yanacek (University of Pittsburgh):
“Investigating the Unexplained: Paranormal Belief and Perception in Kleist’s Novellas”

Presentation Sixteen
Andrea Dahlmann-Resing (University of British Columbia):
“Aufstand, Empörung und Aufrichtigkeit: Affektive Aufladungen von Aufwärtsbewegung am Beispiel der Verlobung in St. Domingo”

Presentation Seventeen
Wolf Kittler (UC Santa Barbara):
“Kinship Relationships”

Presentation Eighteen
Lisa Beesley (Vanderbilt University):
“That’s the Gospel Truth: Narrative Divergence in Kleist’s Die heilige Cäcilie oder die Gewalt der Musik”

For more information, please contact Curtis Maughan and Lisa Beesley .

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