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Ergebnisanzeige "AHRC PhD studentship: The German Language in Russia (Bristol University)"
TitelAHRC PhD studentship: The German Language in Russia (Bristol University)
BeschreibungAHRC Doctoral Studentship in Russian: the German Language in Russia

The doctoral student will belong to a research team based in the Department of Russian which will be working from 1 August 2011 for a period of three years on a multidisciplinary project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) on 'The History of the French Language in Russia'. (S)he will extend the scope of the project by writing a thesis which explores some aspect of the history of the German language in Russia.

You will belong to a research team based in the Department of Russian at the University of Bristol. The team will be led by Professor Derek Offord and will also include two Postdoctoral Research Assistants who have already been appointed. It will work from 1 August 2011 for a period of three years on a multidisciplinary project wholly funded by the AHRC on ‘The History of the French Language in Russia’.
The research team will take an interdisciplinary approach. Using a wide range of primary sources (archival material, linguistic corpora, published works and private correspondence written by Russians in French, and Russian writings about linguistic questions), it will examine the history of French in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Russia from the viewpoints of linguistic, social, cultural, literary, political and intellectual history. A fuller summary and list of objectives are available on request.

The approach taken by the postgraduate member of the research team to her/his thesis on an aspect of the history of German in Russia will mirror that taken by the Principal Investigator and the Postdoctoral Research Assistants in their investigation of the history of French there. That is to say, you should be alive to the benefits of interdisciplinarity and you will absorb from the other members of the team the diverse theoretical and methodological approaches that they are applying to material on the history of French. In so far as the framework of the doctoral thesis permits, you will bring these approaches to bear on analysis of the linguistic, social, cultural and other types of impact that German had on Russian life during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

The precise focus of your thesis will be determined in consultation with the research team during the first six months of the studentship, as you explore the subject and as the larger project unfolds. The sort of phenomena that you will consider might include the following: the prominence of German scholars in the Russian Academy of Sciences in the early stages of its existence; the role of men of German ethnic origin in the tsarist bureaucracy; the distribution of communities of German minorities in the Russian Empire; and the currency of German among the nineteenth-century educated class as members of it were affected by Romanticism, German philosophy and periods of study in German universities.

Your contribution will add an important dimension to the project as a whole. It will underline the fact that foreign languages other than French, notably German and English, also achieved wide currency in pre-revolutionary Russia. It may also help to lay foundations for further work on the use of German in Russia and on its distribution in other countries during the same historical period. You will be introduced to the well-established Historical Sociolinguistics Network (HiSoN) led by Dr Nils Langer of the Department of German at Bristol.

If necessary, you may receive tuition in Russian at an appropriate level from the language-teaching staff of the Department of Russian. You will also benefit from the facilities in the Faculty’s Graduate School (opened in 2009-10) and from generic skills development training that is available to research students, including training in web design and speaking to the media. It will be an important subsidiary aim of the project to enable the PhD student to gain varied experience of research activity, project management and organisation of academic events in a supportive environment.

The deadline for applications is 5.00 pm on Friday 24 June 2011. Candidates for the studentship should use the research statement section of their application to explain how their research experience and interests might connect with this larger project and how the project might in turn fit in with their longer-term research plans. They should also provide details of their academic record to date. AHRC doctoral awards are subject to eligibility criteria relating to residence, set out in the Guide to Postgraduate Funding at

For further information please contact Derek Offord (

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PersonName: Professor Derek Offord 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Department of Russian, University of Bristol 
Strasse/Postfach: 17 Woodland Rd 
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Stadt: Bristol 
Telefon: +44 117 3318011 
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SchlüsselbegriffeLinguistik; Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Deutsch als Zweitsprache; Kontaktlinguistik (Sprachkontakt, Interferenzforschung, Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Mehrsprachigkeit); Soziolinguistik (Varietätenlinguistik, div. Lekte, Register, Code); Sprache und Gesellschaft (Diskursanalyse, Ethnographie, Sprachkritik, Sprachplanung, Sprachpolitik); Sprachphilosophie / Kommunikationstheorie (Sprachtheorie, Sprachbegriffe); Übersetzungswissenschaft; Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur 1700 - 1770; Literatur 1770 - 1830; Literatur 1830 - 1880
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