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Ergebnisanzeige "Critique/Crisis"
RessourcentypVerschiedenes (Workshops, Sommerschulen u.a.)
BeschreibungInternational Summer School
Palermo – June 20th-25th, 2011


Department of Cultural Studies
International Phd in
European Cultural Studies/Europäische Kulturstudien
International School for Advanced Studies
In cooperation with
Faculty of Education Science

International Summer School
Palermo – June 20th-25th, 2011

Preliminary Remarks
The International School for Advanced Studies (henceforth Summer School) is one of the activities of the International PhD in European Cultural Studies/Europäische Kulturstudien promoted by the Department of Cultural Studies, University of Palermo in collaboration with the Heinrich-Heine-University and the University of Bari, Milan Bicocca, Valencia and Murcia. It arises from the cooperation between the universities partner of the action.

Teaching Objectives
Critique and crisis is a hendiadys characteristic of modernity. It is a notion going back at least to the eighteenth century with a precise and articulated European location, marking the birth of a concept that is central to our interest: culture. It is a question of understanding that "culture" is the figure of thought (itself a metaphor), that is built through a self-reflection (critique) and through the continuous self-questioning (crisis). The fact that there are many and rich "cultural turns" in today’s cultural studies is the clearest proof that Modernity is conceived from the concept of culture and culture is conceived as critique and crisis.

The scholars taking part in the Summer School will seek to define the paradigms by which we can now think the notion of critique and that of crisis into the background of the two disciplines inspiring our Phd program in Palermo, i.e. political philosophy and the study of culture in Modernity.

The course will be structured in lectures given by famous professors, discussions and workshops introduced by discussants. In particular, as in the previous edition, the professors from the partner institutions will intervene as discussants of the lectures. Unpublished works presented by all scholars are to be published in Italian and German. A selection of the participants' contributions will be discussed within the workshop and then published in the journal

The teachers involved in the course are Professors V. Borsò, E. Bronfen, R. Calabrese, M. Calloni, A. Castoldi, I. Chambers, R. Coglitore, M. Cometa, L. Curti, F. Duque, P. Jedlowski, H. Lethen, S. Marcenò, G. Marramao, A. Moreiras, E. Osterkamp, M. Pala, L. Passerini, G. Piretto, V. Stoichita, S. Vaccaro, J. L. Villacañas, A. Violi.

The working languages will be Italian, Spanish, English, French and German.

Before the course begins preliminary works by the teachers will be distributed. Throughout the duration of the course participants will have free access to the Library of the Goethe Zentrum.

Target group and admission
The school is open to 60 Italian and foreign students (35 full students + 14 Phd candidates in European Cultural Studies + 11 listeners), selected from the master students (1st and 2nd level), graduates, Phd candidates, postdocs, research fellows. At least fifty percent of the students must be selected from other universities, both Italian and foreign. In the event that this reserve would not be covered, it will be open to people coming from the University of Palermo.

Candidates must fill in the attached form, providing a curriculum vitae et studiorum and any other useful document or publication. If the candidates overcome the maximum, a selection shall be made by the Scientific Committee, according to the curricula, in an unappealable way. The list can shift if someone will declare its own renunciation.

Admission and fee
The non-refundable registration fee for all applicants is € 25.00. Payment must be made by May 20th in favour of:

Dipartimento di Studi culturali – 90128 viale delle Scienze Palermo
On the following bank account
UNICREDIT GROUP – AG. 100-SPORT, Via Roma, 185, 90133 Palermo, Codice Tesoreria: 9052635
- CIN: N - ABI: 02008 - CAB: 04663,- C/C 000101358086,
IBAN: IT22N0200804663000101358086.
Reason for payment: “Iscrizione Summer School Critica/Crisi”.

The receipt of payment and the application form along with all the needed documents (curriculum vitae, and any other useful document or publication) must be sent
via e-mail at the following address:
via fax at the following number: 091 59.55.41

A fee of 125 € is charged for participants. This is comprehensive of:

• registration to the Summer School
• preliminary works
• student housing (two single-beds rooms, breakfast and kitchen)
• tickets for lunch
• Final Certificate of participation

A fee of 75 € is charged only for the PhD students in European Cultural Studies/ Europäische Kulturstudien and for the listeners not needing accomodation. This is comprehensive of:

• registration to the Summer School
• preliminary works
• tickets for lunch
• Final Certificate of participation
Fees are to be paid only after each participant shall receive the communication for his/her admission.

Conference venues
The Summer School will be held in Palermo, at the Goethe Institut, Wim Wenders Hall, Via Paolo Gili 4, 90135 Palermo.
Classes hours:
10 am-1 pm; 3-6 pm from Tuesday to Friday.
Opening session and concluding session (Monday, June 20th, in the afternoon, and Saturday 25th, in the morning) will be held in locations to be determined.

Credits and evaluation
The Summer School program offers a certificate of participation. In order to obtain the course certificate worth 3 ECTS credits, attendance of at least 90% of the classes is required, as well as the compilation of a report on the topics of the Summer School to be sent via e-mail to Dr. Pecoraro ( by July 15th. The report will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee that will issue the certification.

Accommodation and meals
Students housing (two single-beds rooms, breakfast and kitchen) will be provided by the Istituto Valdese di Palermo, via Evangelista Di Blasi, 12, 90135 Palermo, Tel. +39.091 6817941, Fax +39.091 6820118,
Staff contact Antonino Fontana,

2 grants as a refund of traveling expenses (200 Euros each one) will be provided by the Department of Cultural Studies for the most deserving participants. The Scientific Commission of The Summer School shall assign the grant in an unappealable way according to the proposed reports.

Università degli studi di Palermo
Dipartimento di Studi Culturali

Università degli studi di Palermo
Facoltà di Scienze della formazione

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

Universidad de Murcia
Biblioteca Virtual de Pensamiento Politico Hispanico Saavedra Fajardo

Universidad de Murcia
Departamento de Filosofia Y Logica

Universitat Politécnica de Valencia
Departamento de Comunicacion Audiovisual, Documentacion e Historia del Arte

Universität Lüneburg - Leuphana University of Lunenburg
Department of Cultural Theory

Centre Culturel Français di Palermo
Goethe-Institut, Palermo
Teatro Biondo Stabile di Palermo
Amici della Musica, Palermo
Libreria Broadway, Palermo
Libreria Broadway Riso, Palermo
Palazzo Riso, Palermo
Rai, Sede Regionale Sicilia

Director of the school
Prof. Michele Cometa

Scientific Commitee
Proff.: R. Calabrese, R. Coglitore, M. Cometa, S. Marcenò, S. Vaccaro

Dott. V. Candiloro,;
Dott. V.Cammarata,;
Dott. V. Mignano,;
Dott. R.Pecoraro,

Manager of the administrative proceeding
Mrs. Marcella Russo.

For further information:

The Director
(Prof. Michele Cometa)

Palermo, 3 maggio 2011

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