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Ergebnisanzeige "(Re)Making Myths: The Creation, Use, and Abuse of Myths in German Literature, History, and Culture"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
Titel(Re)Making Myths: The Creation, Use, and Abuse of Myths in German Literature, History, and Culture
BeschreibungBrown University's Departments of German Studies and History are pleased to announce "(Re)Making Myths: The Creation, Use, and Abuse of Myths in German Literature, History, and Culture", a joint interdisciplinary graduate student conference, which will take place on 22 – 23 April in Smith-Buonanno Hall at Brown University.
We are excited to have a truly international group of speakers visiting Brown, with doctoral students coming together from England, Germany, Israel, Canada, and from throughout the United States, to explore the functions of myth in the past and present, its role in society and its connections to themes such as nationalism, community-building, and the construction of identity.
The conference’s keynote address will be delivered by Prof. Peter Uwe Hohendahl (Cornell University) on Friday, April 22, at 5.30 pm in Smith-Buonanno Hall 106, with a reception to follow. The title of his talk is "Bondage or Autonomy: The Meaning of Myth in Critical Theory".


Friday, 22 April 2011

1:15pm Welcome Address (Smith-Buonanno 201)

1:30pm - 3pm (Smith-Buonanno 201)
Anti(que) Myths: Reception of and Critique through Ancient Myths
Moderator: Michael Powers (Brown University)

Jacob A. VanderKolk (Penn State):
The Bonfire of the Nation Myth: Hermann Broch's Anti-Mythic Method in Der Tod des Vergil

Cindy K. Renker (University of Texas, Dallas):
Remnants of the Prometheus Myth in the Poetry of Paul Celan

Johannes Stobbe (Freie Universität Berlin):
“Arbeit an der Differenz”? Heiner Müller’s Reworking of Ancient Myth and Greek Tragedy in his Late Work

3:30pm - 5pm (Smith-Buonanno 106)
Vergangenheitsbewältigung as / through Myths
Moderator: Heidi Tworek (Harvard University)

Kathryn Sederberg (University of Michigan):
The Work of the Trümmerfrau: Rubble-Clearing and Forgetting in Postwar Germany

Jonathon M. Hoye & Benjamin Nienass (New School for Social Research, New York):
Myth-Making and the Arendtian Lens: Germany's Politics of Meta-Memory

Katharina Kim Wolff (Universität Hamburg):
Heilige Heimat, Untotes Volk: Myth-Destruction in Elfriede Jelinek's Polyphonic Monodrama Wolken.Heim

5:30pm Bondage or Autonomy: The Meaning of Myth in Critical Theory
Keynote Address by Prof. Peter Uwe Hohendahl, followed by reception
Smith-Buonanno 106

Saturday, 23 April 2011

10am - 11:30am
Mythmaking = Community-Making? (Smith-Buonanno 106)
Moderator: Jonathan Sozek (Brown University)

Benjamin Brand (Brown University):
Wieland’s Exodus of the Abderites: An Etiologic Myth of Irony as Resolution of the Cosmopolitanism/Patriotism-Conflict

Eliah M. Bures (University of California, Berkeley):
“Leute von Übermorgen und von Vorgestern”: Myth, Community, and Spiritual Resistance in Ernst Jünger’s Postwar Imagination

Eric Scheufler (University of Washington, Seattle):
Collecting (Hi)Stories: Exploring the Other, the Self, and the Nation through Trojanow’s Der Weltensammler

1pm - 2:30pm (Smith-Buonanno 106)
German Nationalism and its Myths
Moderator: Sonja Glaab (Brown University)

Thomas Wortmann (Universität zu Köln):
Neglecting Hermann: Droste's Westphälische Schilderungen (with a sideglance at Die Judenbuche)

Dagmar Paulus (University of Nottingham):
Mountains, Myths, and the German Nation: Historical Discourse in Wilhelm Raabe's Novel Nach dem großen Kriege

Nicolas Bechter (Hebrew University, Jerusalem):
Myth, History, and Romantic Anticapitalism in the Works of Richard Wagner

3pm - 4:30pm (Smith-Buonanno 106)
National Identities - Mythical Identities?
Moderator: Silja Maehl (Brown University)

Beyza Atmaca (Penn State):
Myth and Identity in Zafer Şenocak's Köşk

Alisa van Kleef (Rice University, Houston):
Towards an Historical Understanding of Thomas Mann's Betrachtungen eines Unpolitischen

Rebecca Dolgoy (Université de Montréal):
Bullet Holes, Red Arrows, Facades: Mythological History and Three Berlin Museums

4:30pm Closing Remarks (Smith-Buonanno 106)

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PersonName: Katrin Dettmer 
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