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Ergebnisanzeige "Colonial Austria / Austria and the Overseas"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelColonial Austria / Austria and the Overseas
BeschreibungAustrian Studies 20 (2012) — Call for Papers

Colonial Austria / Austria and the Overseas

The Habsburg Empire's internal colonialism (e.g. in Galicia and elsewhere) has been subject of much investigation and debate. As Austria never acquired a colonial empire overseas, her reach into more distant colonial space has received far less scholarly attention. Nonetheless, Austria was part of a world that, since the so-called second era of exploration in the eighteenth century, was becoming increasingly global: emigration to colonial space, exploration, a global political outlook, an influx of overseas influences into domestic culture, colonial science and investigation in fields stretching from Geography to Ethnology characterised Austrian culture as much as the culture of other Central-European countries. The Habsburg family ruled over the first wave of colonial acquisition originating from the Iberian peninsula and provided Emperors for Latin-American countries in the nineteenth century; the Austrian frigate Novara circumnavigated the world between 1857 and 1859 to gather colonial knowledge; Austrians contributed to the exploration and the commercial and political penetration of far-away regions (the catalogue of the exhibition Abenteuer Ostafrika (Eisenstadt 1988) names twenty-four Austrians engaged in East Africa, amongst them the governor of the Sudanese province of Dar Fur, Rudolf Slatin). Similarly, post-colonial intellectual currents influenced Austrian culture and debates of more recent times. The proposed issue will be devoted to Austrian colonial cultures and the attendant discourses as they relate to overseas colonial space.

In particular, we invite contributions on the following topics:
• Austrians and their overseas travels / Austrian travel writing;
• Austrian exoticisms / the exoticisation of domestic culture;
• the Austrian metropolis as a "contact zone" between the overseas and the local;
• colonial sciences in Austria / the institutionalisation and processing of colonial knowledge in the domestic realm (museums, academia, media);
• emigration (debates on conditions in receiving countries; activities of the Österreichische Aussiedlungsgesellschaft, est. 1933, and other such organisations);
• Austrian overseas politics and diplomacy / the politics of exploration, migration, settlement and commerce;
• literary, visual and musical reflections of colonial Austria;
• the literary and artistic discourse on Austrian activities in colonial space from a post-colonial perspective.

For volume 20 of Austrian Studies (2012) we invite contributions on questions such as those mentioned above and on any other aspects relevant to the overall topic. In particular, we invite contributions that add to the knowledge of Austrian activities in the overseas and/or investigate colonial aspects of domestic Austrian culture using a post-colonial methodology. Proposals (no more than 200 words) should be sent to Florian Krobb ( by 1 June 2011.
It is anticipated that the deadline for completed articles will be early December 2011.


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