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Ergebnisanzeige "Kanada: The Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (CAUTG) | L'Association des Professeurs d'Allemand des Universités Canadiennes (APAUC)"
RessourcentypFachgesellschaften und -verbände
TitelKanada: The Canadian Association of University Teachers of German (CAUTG) | L'Association des Professeurs d'Allemand des Universités Canadiennes (APAUC)
Beschreibung"The Canadian Association of University Teachers of German/ L'Association des Professeurs d'Allemand des Universités Canadiennes (CAUTG/APAUC) was founded by sixteen professors of German from ten universities who met at the Université de Montréal during the 1962 Learned Societies' Conference. As the Association has evolved, its main objective has become the promotion of studies and research in Germanic Studies at the post-secondary level. Germanic Studies as the field of common professional interest is understood to include not only German, but also other Germanic Languages besides English, as well as scholarship related to the literatures, cultures, and linguistics of these languages, past and present. Membership is open to current and former staff members and graduate students of Canadian universities and colleges whose main professional concern is Germanic Studies. Associate membership is available to interested scholars from other fields or from non-Canadian institutions. For further information, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer. Among the principal activities of CAUTG/APAUC is its annual conference, which takes place as part of the Congress of Learned Societies at a selected Canadian university in late May and early June of each year. The conference provides a forum for communication of research in Germanic Studies, professional development for teaching, and the discussion of common professional interests. Generally CAUTG/APAUC hosts a guest lecturer or author from German-speaking Europe whose presentation may also be of interest to other disciplines and Learned Societies. Recent panel presentations have centred on literature and pedagogy, standards in language training, interdisciplinary research and teaching, new technologies, and the future of the profession. Junior and senior scholars have delivered papers on a wide variety of literary, cultural, and linguistic topics. Proposals for papers may be submitted by any member in good standing, and those who present papers are eligible for modest travel support."
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PersonName: Plews, John L. [Prof. Dr.] 
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