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Ergebnisanzeige "Creating and Cultivating Domesticity"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelCreating and Cultivating Domesticity
MLA, Seattle, 2012
(see the MLA website: for submission guidelines)
Deadline for Submissions: 10 March 2011
250-word abstracts

Eighteenth and Early-Nineteenth-Century German Literature Division Meeting

Karin A. Wurst (

Creating and Cultivating Domesticity I
We invite contributions on cultural consumption, lifestyle, and values; the relationship of print culture to cultural practice; private performances, Deklamatorien; domestic culture (house and garden). Papers that describe the forms of everyday culture as they manifest themselves in literary or historical texts or in artifacts are welcome as are papers theorizing these cultural practices in the household. Papers that use innovative theoretical approaches to cultural consumption, map cultural spaces, or that utilize the digital humanities tools to map influences and connections in the trade of goods or publications are especially welcome.

Creating and Cultivating Domesticity II
Contributions on forms of sociability, the designed environment (furniture, architectural design), the relationship between domestic culture and the spaces of the city are welcome. As the middle class expanded their leisure activities, new cultural practices enhanced their domestic lifestyle. Interest in domesticity and sociability, new fashionable furniture and new architectural arrangements within the home and the garden contribute to increases in available products and practices. Private cultural activities and their relationship to the organization of the city and architectural spaces further enrich our understanding of the lifestyles of the middle class.

Companion Session with the AATG:
The 18th Century in the 21st-Century Curriculum: Innovative Approaches
We invite innovative integrated approaches to teaching German culture (1600-1800), including finding ways of infusing historical content into the curriculum and interdisciplinary approaches. This topic allows for explorations of cross-cultural impulses. We invite contributions that focus on how we teach eighteenth century culture in creative ways that build on current pedagogies and the understanding of multiple literacies.

Contact Karin Wurst ( with questions and proposals. Deadline for abstract submissions is March 10.

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