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Ergebnisanzeige "GSA panel: Hermann Broch’s Cultural Criticism: Old Connections, New Possibilities"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelGSA panel: Hermann Broch’s Cultural Criticism: Old Connections, New Possibilities
BeschreibungDEADLINE EXTENDED: Feb. 5, 2011

CfP: Hermann Broch’s Cultural Criticism: Old Connections, New Possibilities
German Studies Association Conference, September 22-2 5, 2011, Louisville, KY

As so many of his time, Hermann Broch was a cultural critic in search of the historical and philosophical foundations of modern society. In much of his work — from his major literary works such as /Die Schlafwandler/, to numerous letters and reviews, to his famous socio-biographical works on James Joyce and Hugo von Hofmannsthal — Broch explored modernity and its impact on culture. At the 60^th anniversary of his death and in honor of the 125^th anniversary of his birth, this panel seeks to revisit Broch’s cultural criticism with an emphasis on building connections to the work of his contemporaries. The panel invites submissions that refer to the work of those more commonly associated with Broch and criticism at the time, such as Walter Benjamin or Robert Musil, as well as to those of lesser known cultural critics.Particular attention will be paid to considering the variety of forms in which his cultural criticism and that of others appeared, from personal letters to published materials.

Please send abstracts of approximately 250 words and a short bio by February 5, 2011 to:

Sarah McGaughey, Dickinson College,


Sarah McGaughey
Assistant Professor and Chair of German
Dickinson College
P.O. Box 1773
Carlisle, PA 17013
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Office: Bosler 114

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