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Ergebnisanzeige "[NEUE DEADLINE] Satire and Grotesque in Post/Modern Central and Eastern European Literature"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
Titel[NEUE DEADLINE] Satire and Grotesque in Post/Modern Central and Eastern European Literature

International Conference
Satire and Grotesque in Post/Modern Central and Eastern European Literature

24-25 November, 2011
The Lithuanian Institute for Literature and Folklore in Vilnius, Lithuania

Central and Eastern European writing of the 20th and 21st century seems to support the thesis of Northrop Frye that satire is one of the perennial patterns of literary creation. In the late Soviet era a satiric attitude was arguably the main artistic device of nonconformist authors with reference to the official discourse. The culture of the following post-communist decades was permeated by grotesque and black humor even to a greater extent. Satire and grotesque proliferated not only in literature but in visual arts, film and popular culture as well, thus evolving, as it seems, from a marginal attitude into a dominant aesthetic strategy.
The conference invites papers which might include the following topics:
• recapitulation of the state of satire and grotesque in Central and Eastern European literature of the Soviet period
• analysis of the ruptures and constants which this tradition experienced in the post-communist period
• presentation of the new interpretations of the theoretical models (e.g. the Bachtinian concepts of carnival and Mennipean satire) and comparative perspectives
• rethinking the interaction of the socio-political critique and esthetics, of the mimetic and fantastic aspects within this mode of representation,
• tracing the changes of status of satire/grotesque in the field of culture.

Please send your proposals by e-mail to until 15th of May (extended deadline!) 2011.

Conference Organizers: Prof. dr. Aušra Jurgutienė, Doc. dr. Dalia Satkauskytė, Doc.dr. Inga Vidugirytė-Pakerienė, dr.Laurynas Katkus.

Language: English.
Accommodation will be provided. At the moment we are applying for the coverage of travel expenses. Publication of the conference proceedings is planned.

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