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Ergebnisanzeige "German Studies DAAD Summer School for Postgraduates ''Stimmungen: Climates, Moods, Atmospheres''"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelGerman Studies DAAD Summer School for Postgraduates ''Stimmungen: Climates, Moods, Atmospheres''
BeschreibungGerman Studies DAAD Summer School for Postgraduates

The inaugural German Studies Summer School for postgraduates will take
place in Edinburgh on 31.05.-03.06. 2011. The summer school brings
together postgraduate researchers across disciplines whose research
touches on German studies in any form: German literature and culture,
social and political sciences, history, cultural and media studies,
music, philosophy and linguistics. The four-day meeting will comprise of
research workshops and panels, career planning seminars and research
training, and will provide valuable networking opportunities. The summer
school is run by a consortium of the Universities of Edinburgh,
Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Oxford, Birmingham (IGS) and the IGRS
London. It is open to postgraduates based anywhere in the UK, and is
funded by the DAAD, enabling generous provision for postgraduate travel,
accommodation and food for the duration of the event.

Call for Papers

Stimmungen: climates, moods, atmospheres

It has been claimed that the German term 'Stimmung' cannot be accurately
translated into other languages, and nonetheless it has been used
throughout the centuries in ways which translate across disciplinary
boundaries. The use of the term in music, which refers to the quality of
musical instruments being in tune, but also to the effect this has on
audiences, reveals how its meaning encompasses the interplay between
internal and external elements. Stimmungen can be experienced both
individually and collectively. Stimmung can have both an integrative
function and a communicative dimension, for example, when discussing
political or economic climates; atmospheres natural and created; and
personal, collective, or environmental moods. This uniquely German term
is our starting point for cross-disciplinary discussion. The concept of
Stimmungen can take on a wider significance in an increasingly
globalised and digitised world, where moods, atmospheres and climates
have the growing potential to exert an influence across borders and

We invite presentations considering the theme of Stimmung/en in its
various meanings, and welcome postgraduate applicants from all
disciplines whose research relates to German Studies. Subjects may
include, but are not limited to:

Literary or political production of Stimmungen
Can Stimmungen be digitally or mechanically produced?
Crisis and Stimmungen
Depression, both psychological and political
The individual and the collective
Memory and Stimmungen
Climates - environmental, economic, political
Space, time and Stimmungen
Are Stimmungen normative?
Stimmung as commodity
Word and music
Stimmungen and propaganda
Stimmungen and religion
What separates Stimmungen from emotions?

Abstracts of 250-300 words should be submitted to Dr Marianne Zwicker
( by 10.01.2011.

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