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Ergebnisanzeige "(Im)mobile Identities, Graduate Student Conference "
RessourcentypCall for Papers
Titel(Im)mobile Identities, Graduate Student Conference
BeschreibungIm)mobile Identities

Graduate Student Conference
German Department, Georgetown University
March 25-26, 2011
Washington, DC

Keynote Address: Nina Berman, Ohio State University

As recent social theorists have observed, the globalized world we live in today is inhabited by societies ‘on the move.’ The central meanings underlying mobility can find their expression in cultural narratives that reflect and shape highly differentiated contours of social and cultural identities. While mobility and travel have long figured as indicators of progress, discovery, development and freedom in modern Western cultural tradition, experiences of movement can also be tied to violent conquests, oppression, stagnation, restriction and control. Implicit in this conceptualization of mobility is the dynamic relationship between movement, identity and subjectivity. Thus, we wish to explore to what extent narratives of mobility contest or reinforce fixed identities and negotiate new, multiple ones.
Cultural narratives from the German-speaking world present many opportunities for analyzing the negotiation of subjectivity and identity through mobility. Recent geo-political shifts in Europe have brought about an influx of movement within, toward and beyond the boundaries of the German-speaking world, and the European imaginary of cosmopolitanism is being articulated through increased mobility within the European Union. Yet even before these shifts, the topic of mobility can be traced back as a key element of German-speaking culture: from the controlled movement in the GDR, Gastarbeiter coming to West Germany, deportation and exile during the Holocaust, migration of populations to Berlin and Vienna at the turn of the twentieth century, to (pre-)colonial excursions to Africa and the “Orient”, the motif of “die Ferne” in Romanticism, the tradition of Reiseliteratur and Italienreisen, voyages of discovery and pilgrimages during medieval times, and the Crusades.
How does the experience and practice of mobility engender specific aesthetic forms? When does mobility present a struggle for identity and what limitations does it set for expressing subjectivity? Does movement function as a determinant for genre and how are genres underwritten with assumptions of cultural identity?
We welcome paper topics from various areas of German Studies that include but are not limited to:
• transnational mobility
• migrant populations and clashes of collective identity
• colonial and post-colonial encounters through movement
• forced or denied movement
• Reiseliteratur reconsidered
• mobility as a process of healing, of memory, or as a journey to the self
• diasporas and pilgrimages in the contexts of religious and secular identities
• lifting of internal EU borders and the strengthening of external EU borders
• enactment of movement through performance
• road stories

Please submit abstracts of no more than 350 words by December 15, 2010 to

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