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Ergebnisanzeige "Narrating the Eighteenth Century"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelNarrating the Eighteenth Century
Beschreibung"Narrating the Eighteenth Century"
16-17 April 2007
University of Exeter, UK

Monday, 16 April
11.30 am Registration Opens (Alexander Building)
12.15 pm Introductory Remarks (Ashley Tauchert)
12.30 pm Keynote Address: "Post-Feminist Austen" (Vivien Jones)
1.30 pm Panel I: Gender Trouble (Chair: Adeline Johns-Putra)
Panel II: Narratives of Nation and War (Chair: Nick Groom)
Panel III: Leisure and Work (Chair: Peggy Yoon)
3.00 pm Tea Break
3.15 pm Panel IV: History Re-examined (Chair: Jane Spencer)
Panel V: Circles of Influence (Chair: Vicki Joule)
4.45 pm Plenary Session: Recent Trends in Eighteenth-Century History (Jonathan Barry)
6.00 pm Drinks Reception (Holland Hall)
7.30 pm Conference Dinner (Holland Hall)

Tuesday, 17 April
9.00 am Keynote Address: "The Politics of Robinson Crusoe" (Thomas Keymer)
10.00 am Panel VI: Writing Lives I (Chair: Jane Spencer)
Panel VII: Literature and History (Chair: Dafydd Moore)
11.30 am Coffee Break
11.45 am Panel VIII: Writing Lives II (Chair: Ashley Tauchert)
Panel IX: National Identity and History (Chair: Nick Groom)
1.15 pm Lunch
2.15 pm Panel X: Science and Literature (Chair: Peggy Yoon)
Panel XI: Social Mores and Aesthetics (Chair: Vicki Joule)
3.45 pm Tea Break
4.00 pm Panel Discussion and Closing Remarks (Jane Spencer and Ashley Tauchert)


I: Gender Trouble:
Helen Brooks (Exeter/Drama), “Acting Mother/s—Negotiating Fictional Femininity Within Actress’s Public Image”
Dr. Hal Gladfelder (Manchester/English), “Secret Histories of Sodomy”
Megan Woodworth (Exeter/English), “Holding out for a Hero? Frances Burney's Cecilia, Masculinity, and the American Revolutionary War”

II: Narratives of Nation and War:
Dr. Kerri Andrews (Leeds/English), “‘The Genius of England’: Nation, Narrative and the French Revolution”
Dr. Ala Alryyes (Yale/Comp. Lit. & English), “Court-Martial Narratives and Eighteenth-Century War”
Anne-Flore Laloë (Exeter/Geography), “Mapping Havana in 1762: a city swapping hands at the end of the Seven Years War”

III: Leisure and Work:
Richard Adelman (York/English), “Idleness and the Division of Labour”
Miruna Stanica (Stanford/English), “‘A Strange Catalogue of Things’: Narrating Manufacture in Popular and Learned Discourse”
Alice Barnaby (Exeter/English), “Illuminated Excess: Culture at the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens”

IV: History Re-examined:
Dr. Robert Lamb (Exeter/Politics), 'Rethinking the 'Perennial' and Dislocated Ideology: Two Problems with Quentin Skinner's Revised Historical Contextualism'
Dr. Neil Hargraves (Newbattle Abbey, Scotland/History), “Resentment, Narrative and Philosophical History in the Scottish Enlightenment"
Prof. Philip Smallwood (UCE/English), “On Re-Writing the History of Eighteenth-Century Literary Criticism”

V: Circles of Influence:
Emrys Jones (Cambridge/English), “Social Networking as Narrative: Lady Mary Wortley Montagu and ‘Friendship’s Specious Name’”
Filipa Komuro (Oxford/English), “Tales of Beauties and Beasts”
Prof. Jacqueline Labbe (Warwick/English), “Narrating Seduction: Jane Austen Reads Charlotte Smith”

VI: Writing Lives I:
Prof. Karlis Racevskis (Ohio State/French & Italian), “The Self and Its Truths: A Contemporary Take on Some Eighteenth-Century Notions"
Stephanie Darrie (Exeter/French), “The Unsaid in the Correspondance of Bernardin de Saint-Pierre"
Michael Farrell (Oxford/English), “William Blake in Jim Jarmusch’s Dead Man (1995)”

VII: Literature and History:
Dr. Henry Power (Bristol/English), “Richard Bentley, Alexander Pope, and Fielding’s ‘new Species of writing’”
Philipp Erchinger (Frankfurt/Lit.), “Narrating the Encyclopaedic Mind: A Reading of Tristram Shandy”
Dr. Martin Maurach (Frankfurt/Independent), “Re-Narrating Dialogues: Changing views of dramas from German storm and stress”

VIII: Writing Lives II:
Joseph Crawford (Oxford/English), “Writing Milton’s Life in the Eighteenth Century”
Deborah Pfuntner (Texas A&M/English), “The Re-Creation of Flora MacDonald”

IX: National Identity and History:
Dr. Stanley Pelkey (Western Michigan/Music), “Musical Quotation, Keyboard Music, and the Forging of British National Identity in the Long Eighteenth Century”
Dr. Fiona McIntosh-Varjabédian (Charles de Gaulle/Comp. Lit.), “Hume’s The History of England and Historical Causality”
Jing-Huey Hwang (York/English), “'England to be described by any foreigner, is a subject just now not the most promising': Morier's Hajji Baba and the configuration of the Orient in early nineteenth-century Britain”

X: Science and Literature:
Mary Fairclough (York/English), “'This fantastical mosaic-work of the brain': Hartley, Hazlitt and Association”
Dr. Adeline Johns-Putra (Exeter/English), “Narrative and Truth: Eleanor Anne Porden and the Historical/Scientific Romance”
Stefka Ritchie (Birmingham/English), “Physical Space and Structure in Samuel Johnson’s Vision of Theodore”

XI: Social Mores and Aesthetics:
Hasan Baktir (Ankara/English), “The Foreign-Observer and Development of the Periodical Persona”
Francesco Faniello (Bari, Italy/Modern Languages), “Universal Reason and Individual Taste”
Dr. Min Wild (Exeter & Plymouth/English), “Impoliteness and the Mid-Eighteenth Century Periodical--'Every Little Helps'”

Eighteenth-Century Narrative Research Consortium
c/o The Dept. of English, University of Exeter
The Queen's Building, The Queen's Drive
Exeter, Devon

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KontaktdatenName/Institution: Eighteenth-Century Narrative Research Consortium at the Dept. of English, University of Exeter  
Strasse/Postfach: The Queen's Building, The Queen's Drive  
Postleitzahl: EX4 4QH  
Stadt: Exeter 
SchlüsselbegriffeErzähltheorie; Komparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft); Literatur 1700 - 1770; Literatur 1770 - 1830
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