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Ergebnisanzeige "Un-titled: Affirming Negation -- Negating Affirmations"
RessourcentypKonferenzen, Tagungen, Kolloquien
TitelUn-titled: Affirming Negation -- Negating Affirmations
BeschreibungUn-titled: Affirming Negation -- Negating Affirmations

“When we say not-being, we speak, I think, not of something that is the opposite of being, but only of something different.”
(Plato, Sophist 257B)

How can we speak of non-being if to speak at all implies saying “some thing”? Would we not thereby impart being to the object of our utterance and thus contradict the very claim of our assertion? This linguistic and ontological difficulty raises the broader question of the nature of negation as a rhetorical, logical and political act. Negation cannot simply be opposed to or absolutely independent from affirmation but must instead be intertwined with positivity, since negation always involves a thing which is negated. But this can be called into question by asking whether every affirmation might only be achieved by negating other properties. Rather than starting from the premise that affirmation and negation are mutually exclusive, we wish to explore the possibility of a more intricate relationship between them. How might affirmation be expressed through negation and vice versa?

Conference Organizers: Fabio Camilletti, Catharine Diehl, Martin Doll

ICI-Kulturlabor Berlin
Christinenstr. 18-19, Haus 8
10119 Berlin

Thursday, July 1

15.00 Short Introduction
Fabio Camilletti, Catharine Diehl, Martin Doll

15.15-18.45 (Non-)knowledge
Chair: Fabio Camilletti

Géraldine Hertz God Un-titled: Platonic and Gnostic Uses of Negation
Michael J. Young Knowledge and Negation: Maimonides
Romain Jobez The ›je-ne-sais-quoi‹ as an Experience of Reading
Jeffrey Champlin Kleist's Double Negation: The Terrorized Subject in ›Michael Kohlhaas‹

Friday, July 2
10.00-13.30 (Meta)logics
Chair: Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz

John Bova Negation and Incommensurability: On the Metalogical Kernel of Platonic Dialectic
Samo Tomšič A Matter of Language: Lacan vs. Aristotle
Tania Espinoza Negating Woman in Psychoanalysis: A Question of Infinite Judgment
Beau Madison Mount Negation and Generality: Intuitionistic Themes in Contemporary French Philosophy

15.00-16.30 Double Negations
Chair: Catharine Diehl

Matthew Moss Nothing to Speak of: Ontological Commitment and Negative Existentials
Renate Schindler Hermann Cohen's Concept of Negation of Privation

17.00-18.30 Qualities of Difference
Chair: Catharine Diehl

Taylor Carman Heidegger on Being and Nothing
Deborah Goldgaber »The Pure Negativity of Language«: On Opposition and Difference in Saussure’s Account of Value

19.00 Evening Event
Welcome Christoph Holzhey

Keynote: Werner Hamacher Das Nicht im Satz.


Saturday, July 3

10.00-13.30 (Not) Within
Chair: Martin Doll

Alexander Kuba Precarious Negations: Transgression and Profanation in Modern Anthropological Thought
Vesna Madzoski Inclusion as Exclusion: Obscured Crimes in the Manifesta Archive
Jan Rohgalf Negation, Symbolic Integration and Utopia
Jakob Norberg The Poverty of Critique

15.00-16.30 (In)consistencies
Chair: Michael Caesar - Respondent: Beau Madison Mount

Jack Woods Attitudinal Inconsistency and Non-Negatable Contents
David Gibbons Conceding the Point: Leopardi’s Use of Concession in the ›Zibaldone‹

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