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Ergebnisanzeige "'Post-allied Austria': the influence of the occupying Allied Forces on Austrian literature after 1945 (MLA-Convention)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
Titel'Post-allied Austria': the influence of the occupying Allied Forces on Austrian literature after 1945 (MLA-Convention)
Annual convention
December 27-30, 2007
Call for papers

'Post-allied Austria': the influence of the occupying Allied Forces on Austrian literature after 1945

The discussion focuses on literature that was produced during the first two decades after 1945 in post-nationalist Austria at a time when the country was, until 1955, under the direct rule of the Allied Forces and, after then, still influenced by their cultures. The Anglo-American, Slavic and Romanic cultures left their traces in the Austrian literature of this time in addition to the influence of the 'New, post-Third Reich Germany'. The topic of the panel will be to investigate these traces on a diachronic as well as a synchronic level as the literature produced during this time shows formal and thematic 'Habsburg-Austrian' residues, bearing Slavic and Romanic elements, as well as tendencies to revaluate pop-cultural contents and forms, like the comic strip or detective novel, which are rooted in the Anglo-American tradition.

The parameters of Austrian cultural identity from the 1940s to the 1970s will be discussed with reference to its historical and political dimension and the attempt to newly establish it in regard to the Allied Forces' and Germany's influential presence. Secondly, the expression 'Austrian Literature' will be investigated in terms of its usefulness for literary discourse, with reference to the concept of 'national literatures' in general. Thus the discussion will on the one hand contribute to a revision of an Austrian cultural history of the 1950s and on the other hand pose a new critical approach to the term 'Austrian Literature' itself.

Papers are particularly welcome for the following topics (also with an interdisciplinary angle):
- Overlaps, limitations and mutual influence: literature of the 'Wiederaufbau' (restitution) in Austria and
° Anglo-American Literature (see also the American Re-education program)
° French Literature
° Slavic Literature
- Literature of the border provinces & their new (political)position after 1945 (see the concepts of periphery and centre)
- Nazi-literature & literary reactions to it in Austria after 1945 with respect to the 'Opfer/Mittäter' - question
- Literary reflections of the 'Opfermythos' in Austria
- The historical and political traces of the Allied occupation in the Second Republic
- A critical approach to the concept of an 'Austrian Literature' as manifestation of a 'Nationalkultur' (a culture based on national principles)

Proposals for papers of 20-25 minutes length (a maximum of 250 words) should be sent to Heide Kunzelmann per email( before March 9th, 2007.

N.B.: Prospective speakers at the MLA-conference have to be members of the Modern Language Association or become a member before April 7th, 2007. For application details please go to: Also all European participants are kindly asked to request funding for travel and accommodation from their home-institution.
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