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Ergebnisanzeige "PhD-Stipendien, University of Waterloo, Kanada"
TitelPhD-Stipendien, University of Waterloo, Kanada
BeschreibungThe Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies at the University of Waterloo
invites applications for admission to the PhD in German, MA in German and
the MA in Russian for the fall semester 2007. Excellent funding packages
consisting of scholarships and teaching/research assistantships are
available for highly qualified applicants for all three programs.
Application deadline for admission in the fall term is 1 February 2007.

Our MA and PhD programs in German are unique in Canada, with a dual focus on
literary/cultural studies and applied linguistics. We are strongly committed
to interdisciplinary approaches, both within our own department and with
other departments at the university. The Russian MA program is designed to
ensure meaningful participation in the learning process with a balanced
approach to teaching and research. In addition to coursework, we emphasize
supervised teaching opportunities for graduate students. You will also be
exposed to various research techniques and will gain a firm footing in
several aspects of the discipline. You will work closely with individual
faculty members as your mentor, TA or RA supervisor and, of course, as your
MA or PhD project supervisor. In your courses and projects, you are open to
pursue specific interests in different areas of applied linguistics, as well
as literature and film studies. Our graduate programs are designed to
prepare you for a wide range of employment opportunities within and outside

Further information can be found at and or
contact the graduate officer Mat Schulze (

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PersonName: Mat Schulze 
Funktion: Kontakt 
KontaktdatenName/Institution: Germanic & Slavic Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Waterloo, Canada 
Postleitzahl: ON N2L 3G1 
Stadt: Waterloo 
BenutzerführungDeutsch; Englisch
Klassifikation03.00.00 Literaturwissenschaft
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