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Ergebnisanzeige "Photography, the Image, and Vilém Flusser"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelPhotography, the Image, and Vilém Flusser
BeschreibungPhotography, the Image, and Vilém Flusser

Papers are invited for the next double-issue of Flusser Studies (, due for fall 2010. The issue focuses on Vilém Flusser’s contribution to the theory and practice of photography and encourages interdisciplinary contributions from scholars in cultural, literary, film and media studies and art history:

What is the theoretical and practical relevance of Flusser’s _Towards a Philosophy of Photography_, written more than 25 years ago and translated into many languages?
What was the impact of Flusser’s conception of photography on the artistic practice of photography and image-creation internationally?
What is the status of photography within the present context of digital cameras and 3-D film?

Flusser Studies publishes contributions (5000-8000 words) in English, German, French, Portuguese and Czech, as well as short videos and photography.

Deadline for submission: 15th August 2010.

For more information please contact Anke Finger: or Rainer Guldin:


Flusser Studies
Multilingual Journal for Cultural and Media Theory

Flusser Studies is an international e-journal for academic research dedicated to the thought of Vilém Flusser (1920-1991). In addition to publishing articles about Flusser’s work, the journal seeks to promote scholarship on different aspects of specifically interdisciplinary and multilingual approaches Flusser himself developed in the course of his career as a writer and philosopher. These approaches range from Communication Theory to Translation Studies, Cultural Anthropology to the New Media.

Flusser wrote his texts in different languages, translating himself over and over again, moving from English, to Portuguese, German, French and back again. Similarly he worked by juxtaposing and contaminating different discourses: philosophy, anthropology, communication theory, art and design, zoology to mention only a few.

Among his most original contributions in this context are his philosophical fictions - above all Vampyroteuthis infernalis - scientific fables on the borderline of literature, science and philosophy.

Flusser Studies is published twice a year. Publication languages include English, German, French, Portuguese and Czech. Some issues will be dedicated to a specific area of research.

ISSN 1661-5719
Flusser Studies is a peer-reviewed open access journal.
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