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Ergebnisanzeige "Cosmopolitical and Transnational Interventions (GSA Conference)"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelCosmopolitical and Transnational Interventions (GSA Conference)
BeschreibungCall for Papers for a Series of Interdisciplinary Panels:
“Cosmopolitical and Transnational Interventions”

Thirty Fourth Annual German Studies Association Conference
October 7-10, 2010, Oakland/California
Deadline: February 15, 2010

Contemporary socio-political theorists such as Etienne Balibar, Seyla Benhabib, Ulrich Beck and Edgar Grandé, among others have emphasized the need for a cosmopolitan Europe in the 21st century. Such a Europe would utilize internal and external differences rather than suppressing them, and work towards a “differential integration” of its subjects in order to optimally fulfill its transnational obligations and connections. To mark the end of the eventful first decade of the 21st century, we are inviting proposals for an interdisciplinary panel series across a wide range of historical, political, geographical, cultural, anthropological, linguistic, aesthetic, philosophical, and visual perspectives.

CONCEPTS: Comparative discourses of post-, trans-, and inter-national interventions; differential evaluations of cosmopolitanism and cosmopolitics; colonial and postcolonial Europe; kinship, community, and identity; human rights; spaces of citizenship.

NARRATIVES: Globalization and literary imagination; new and emergent forms of bi- and multilingualism; translations, travelogues and other forms of cultural transfer; literature as the space for cosmopolitical and transnational interventions; transformative definitions of ‘national’ literatures; World Literatures and the literary marketplace.

HISTORIES: The archeology of cosmopolitan Europe against prevailing presentism in discourses of multiculturalism, transnationalism, and globalization.

MEDIA ENVIRONMENTS: Transnational modes of production, distribution, circulation, and reception of cinema and television; internet art, computer-games, video art, animation; digitization of libraries and museums, theater and performance; cultural politics of the European Union; architecture in relation to global environmental awareness; new cityscapes.

SOUNDS: World music (popular and classical) in/and Germany; musical appropriations of rap/hiphop/Bollywood soundtracks and new meanings of race and ethnicity; internet radio, podcasts and transformation of the public sphere; copyright issues and piracy.

This series of panels is organized by B. Venkat Mani (University of Wisconsin; bvmani(at) and Elke Segelcke (Illinois State University; esegelc(at) in collaboration with TRANSIT. Selected papers will be considered for publication in TRANSIT .

IMPORTANT: Please send in your abstracts to the two organizers AND via the GSA website by February 15, 2010 and indicate that your submission is intended for the Interdisciplinary Program and the above series of panels “Cosmopolitical and Transnational Interventions.” Visit the GSA website ( for general information about membership requirement, travel funding, and the online submission process, which opens on January 5, 2010.

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PersonName: Elke Segelcke 
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LandVereinigte Staaten von Amerika
SchlüsselbegriffeKomparatistik (Kulturvergleich, Interkulturelle Literaturwissenschaft)
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