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Ergebnisanzeige "Measuring the Monstrous: Peter Sloterdijk's Jovial Modernity"
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TitelMeasuring the Monstrous: Peter Sloterdijk's Jovial Modernity

Measuring the Monstrous: Peter Sloterdijk's Jovial Modernity

Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and Arts
February 23, 2007

Hertogstraat 1, Brussels


09h00 Registration and reception

10h00 Opening by Sjoerd van Tuinen & Koenraad Hemelsoet

10h15 Eric Alliez (Middlesex University, London)

11h15 Thomas Macho (Humboldt Universität, Berlin)

12h15 Lunch

13h45 Henk Oosterling (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)

14h45 Robert Pfaller (Kunstuniversität Linz)

15h45 Coffee break

16h15 Bruno Latour (École Nationale Supérieure des Mines, Paris)

17h45 Reception

Getting there:

10 minutes walk from the train station Brussels Central (not Brussels Midi/South). For a map + route description, see

Admission fee (15 €/10 € for students) to be paid at the registration desk before 10 a.m.
Because of the limited number of seats, registration by e-mail with one of the organizers is strongly recommended.

For more information, please contact the organizers:

Sjoerd van Tuinen
Department of Philosophy, University of Ghent

Koenraad Hemelsoet
Department of German, University of Ghent

In contemporary philosophy generosity seems to be no longer en vogue. Yet by breaking the devil's circle of resentment and critique, the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk renews ancient megalopsychia in the conceptual athleticism of his recently finished magnum opus entitled Sphären (2004). But already his early work bears the traces of this revitalization of philosophy, substituting the morose discourse of critical theory for a singular and provocative synthesis of style and content that seeks a lasting affair with the outside of philosophy. Meanwhile, his books have been translated into many different languages and are circulating widely, but his encompassing project has remained largely unnoticed in the academic world.

This symposium aims at bringing together for the first time an international group of renowned specialists on the works of Peter Sloterdijk. It will provide an opportunity to critically explore important aspects of his work from a variety of angles, such as science, politics, aesthetics, theology, critical theory and the history of philosophy, and to put it in relation with issues inside and outside contemporary philosophy. Due to the international character of the day, all lectures and discussions will be held in English.

Sponsored by: KVAB (Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten) and FWO (Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) Vlaanderen

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PersonName: Koenraad Hemelsoet, Sjoerd van Tuinen 
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