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Ergebnisanzeige "ACLA 2010: Reading Between the Arts: Multi-Media, Aisthesis, and Interart Studies"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
TitelACLA 2010: Reading Between the Arts: Multi-Media, Aisthesis, and Interart Studies
BeschreibungReading Between the Arts: Multi-Media, Aisthesis, and Interart Studies

While comparative literary studies have been successfully engaged with examining literature in connection with other arts for decades, interart studies seeks to redefine this area by including multi-media
and new technologies. This seminar invites papers that contribute to re-theorizing comparative inquiries on how and in what form(s) the arts (literature, visual arts, dance, music, architecture, etc.)
interconnect and cross-pollinate; that analyze a variety of dialogues and communication between the arts (as expressed in different genres, e.g., baroque visual poetry, book art, the graphic novel, as in conjoining, for example, music and painting, or as practiced by different movements, e.g., the Symbolists, Dadaists, Fluxus); and that explore novel paths and methods for reading and dialoguing
between the arts by embarking on interart “translations.” Concepts under investigation may include but are not limited to beauty, iconology, metonymy/synechdoche, euphony/cacophony, sign, avant-
garde, montage, Gesamtkunstwerk, synesthesia, ekphrasis, and meta-communication. Central questions that inform current research in interart studies, addressing, for example, inter- or transmediality,
borderlessness, and the language of new media as it evolved from a historical trajectory of aesthetic and experimental discourses and practices will guide our discussions. This seminar, in particular,
seeks to boost the discussion of cognitive, sensual, and emotional components in interart studies and requests investigations considering the arts and cognition, aesthetics (form, strategy,
function), the history of the senses, functions of pleasure or pain, and taboos. Comparisons between Western and non-Western aesthetics, approaches, experiments, artworks and/or art products are especially encouraged. Please submit proposals (250 words) via the ACLA conference website (, selecting this seminar, by November 13.
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VeranstaltungsortNew Orleans
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