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Ergebnisanzeige "“The Fall of the Berlin Wall Revisited” - An Irish/British Perspective [neue Deadline]"
RessourcentypCall for Papers
Titel“The Fall of the Berlin Wall Revisited” - An Irish/British Perspective [neue Deadline]
Beschreibung“The Fall of the Berlin Wall Revisited”
-An Irish/British Perspective-
13-14 November 2009

The Department of German Studies, Mary Immaculate College, and the Centre for Irish-German Studies, University of Limerick, invite you to a postgraduate weekend on 13-14 November 2009. The international postgraduate colloquium on Saturday, 14 November, hosted by Mary Immaculate College, will be preceded by a reading of Brigitte Burmeister on Friday, 13 November, at the University of Limerick. On Friday there will be also Masterclasses available to postgraduate students in German Studies from participating universities.
This year marks the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, an event which historically signifies the end of the “Cold War” as well as a new beginning for Germany and the rest of Europe.
The planned interdisciplinary colloquium, sponsored by the German Embassy in Dublin, will commemorate this event by discussing the profound changes precipitated by the fall of the Wall. Contributors may address factors leading to the events of 1989 and/or focus on their outcome during the last twenty years in Germany and/or other former Eastern Bloc countries.
It is hoped that the colloquium will bring together postgraduate students from Great Britain and Ireland to present new insights into Germany’s legacy.
Papers are invited from a broad range of disciplines and methodologies, investigating the transformation of political and social structures as well as cultural, psychological, educational and environmental aspects. We are interested in innovative research in various disciplines. These may include, but are not restricted to: German Studies, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy, Sociology, Education, Political Studies, Psychology or Geography.
400 word abstracts in English should be submitted by email in Word or RTF format by 30. September 2009 to: (0035386-3714583) (0035386-3440911)
Department of German Studies
Mary Immaculate College
- University of Limerick -
South Circular Road

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the above organisers of the colloquium. For questions about the Masterclasses or the reading please contact Dr Gisela Holfter, Centre for Irish-German Studies, University of Limerick:
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Name: Weiss, Jeffrey  
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SchlüsselbegriffeGeschichte der Germanistik; Literatur nach 1945; Literatur- u. Kulturgeschichte; Literatursoziologie; Medien- u. Kommunikationsgeschichte (Hand-, Druckschrift, Film, Rundfunk, Computerspiel usw.); Medien- u. Kommunikationstheorie; Motiv- u. Stoffgeschichte
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