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1. SprachbewuƟtsein durch Diglossie. Der Ɯbersetzer Samuel-Henri Catel
"The following paper examines an individual case of linguistic fate at the end of the 18th century - that of the translator and journalist Samuel-Henri Catel. Here we are dealing with a speaker who consciously experienced and reflected on the diglossic situation in which he found himself. The two languages between which he lived are French as the language of his forefathers, the Huguenots, and German as the language of his everyday life and homeland. Historical roots versus regional rooting in the Diaspora? This constellation creates identity problems that I want to pursue in the first part of my paper. The linguistic dilemma of the Huguenot Catel represents the language situation confronting the third generation of Huguenots in Prussia and is resolved - in this individual case - in works that are culturally educational and that deal with methodological aspects of teaching language. I will devote the second part of my paper to this topic." [Information des Anbieters]   [mehr...]
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