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1. Mithridates in Berlin
"Since the 16th century, the project of documenting and describing the multitude and diversity of languages has been connected with the title 'Mithridates'. With reference to 'Mithridates' from Conrad Gesner (1555) and from Adelung and Vater (1806-17) it will be shown that, despite all the increase in knowledge about the languages of the world, the aim of linguistic investigations remains the same: the aim is to research the historical origin of peoples. Languages are only an indication of this: 'De originibus gentium ductis potissimum ex indicio linguarum' (Concerning the origins of peoples principally on the basis of linguistic evidence), as Leibniz formulated it in his 'Brevis designatio '(1710). Comparative linguistic studies first became an autonomous discipline with Wilhelm von Humboldt's 'Vergleichendes Sprachstudium', in which research into the structural diversity of individual languages as a mirror of the human mind is central." [Information des Anbieters]   [mehr...]
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