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1. Deutsch-französische Rederaison. Louis Ferdinand, Pauline Wiesel und Rahel Levin führen einen Brief-Disput über die Liebe
"Around 1800, while experiencing a cultural blossoming similar to that of Weimar, Berlin was a bilingual city. This is easily forgotten because there has not been much research into the most important evidence of it, i.e. of the bilingual discussions and letters of that time. The case study presented here aims to give a first impression of this German-French bilingualism in everyday usage, and to highlight some of its organizational criteria (optionality, fluency, authenticity). An unusual triangular exchange of letters during the years 1804-1806 between a Hohenzollern prince, a Huguenot woman and a Jewess serves as an example. The topic of their correspondence encompasses a concept of idealistic love, an idealistic language of love, and the related question of an authentic idiom. The decision in favour of German that is reached by the correspondents, however, does not in any way alter the bilingual conception that they have of themselves. The first part of the study concerns the origi [Information des Anbieters]   [mehr...]
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