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1. Asia polyglotta. Zu den Sprachstudien von Julius Heinrich Klaproth
"Julius Heinrich Klaproth (1783-1835) is considered to be one of the most important orientalists of his time and one of the founders of East Asian studies. Above all, he conducted substantial research into the geography and the languages of the Asian continent. But it was precisely Klaproth's linguistic writings that were criticized many times by his contemporaries as a collection of purely lexical material. I would like to show through an analysis of 'Asia polyglotta' (1823) that with this major work Klaproth was not only one of the first scholars to draw up an extensive classification of the languages of the Asian continent. Even more interestingly, it is precisely Klaproth's thinking on methodology that shows that he classified languages not just according to geographical but also to clearly defined linguistic criteria. Klaproth himself understood his work 'Asia polyglotta' to be a revision of the largest contemporary collections of languages. Thus, he additionally planned the publi [Information des Anbieters]   [mehr...]
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