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1. Lowlands-L
"The primary focus of Lowlands-L is on the Germanic languages and their cultural environments that developed and remain in the Lowlands (Dutch, Flemish, Zeelandic, Frisian, Low Saxon [Low German], Limburgish) as well as those that descended from these languages or from their predecessors and are used elsewhere (Afrikaans, Lowlands emigrĂ© varieties, Lowlands-based pidgins and creoles, and also English and Scots). [...] The 'Lowlands Talk' project provides short presentations about the languages of the Lowlands area, we offer you a swadesh list of hundreds of words, and a detailed map of the Lowlands region. Also, we present to you a list of offline material (books, dictionaries, magazines) who deal with (one or more of) the language varieties of the Lowlands, and a long list of internet links. And last but not least, all previous postings to the LOWLANDS List can be read in the archive." [Information des Anbieters]   [mehr...]
http://www.lowlands-l.net/ zum Anfang

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