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1. Lowlands-L
"The primary focus of Lowlands-L is on the Germanic languages and their cultural environments that developed and remain in the Lowlands (Dutch, Flemish, Zeelandic, Frisian, Low Saxon [Low German], Limburgish) as well as those that descended from these languages or from their predecessors and are used elsewhere (Afrikaans, Lowlands emigr√© varieties, Lowlands-based pidgins and creoles, and also English and Scots). [...] The 'Lowlands Talk' project provides short presentations about the languages of the Lowlands area, we offer you a swadesh list of hundreds of words, and a detailed map of the Lowlands region. Also, we present to you a list of offline material (books, dictionaries, magazines) who deal with (one or more of) the language varieties of the Lowlands, and a long list of internet links. And last but not least, all previous postings to the LOWLANDS List can be read in the archive." [Information des Anbieters]   [mehr...]
http://www.lowlands-l.net/ zum Anfang
2. Society for Germanic Linguistics (SGL)
"The Society for Germanic Linguistics (SGL), founded in 1968, is the largest and most active organization in North America to serve the broad community of scholars teaching and researching in Germanic Linguistics and Philology. The international membership of the SGL embraces all areas of and approaches to Germanic linguistics and philology, from formal syntax and phonology through historical linguistics to textual editing. The Society represents scholars investigating languages such as Modern German, Dutch, Yiddish, the Scandinavian languages, Afrikaans, Pennsylvania German, English before 1500, and Gothic, as well as texts and manuscripts in these languages." [Information des Anbieters] Die Inhaltsverzeichnisse des seit 1989 publizierten "American journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literatures" (Forts. u.d.T.: "Journal of Germanic Linguistics") sind ab Bd. 7.2 (1995) aufrufbar; ferner Informationen zu den j√§hrlichen Konferenzen der Gesellschaft; Newsletter. [Redaktion ViFa Germanistik]   [mehr...]
http://german.lss.wisc.edu/~sgl/index.html zum Anfang

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